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Bugs en misión tropical!

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  • Bugs en misión tropical!

    En el nivel 22 los aldeanos explotan los barriles y no hay como salvarse, antes no sucedía.

    En el nivel 25 la bomba que debe atravesar el agua y destruir la palma no atraviesa el agua, lo que resulta en un nivel imposible de pasar.

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    Thank you for letting us know.
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    • SAM
      SAM commented
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      Good afternoon, could you help me, I want the reward of the campaign in the medieval crusade since the first one passes, but I do not get the portal in the castle! What should I do? And if I have it updated, please help me.

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    Here I leave a screenshot so you can see that the portal does not come out, help please I want the reward
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    • Maija
      Maija commented
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      Hello! Some pre-2018 hacks and cheats on the player profiles cause problems with the game data. Not getting the portal to appear is one of these issues.

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    Thanks, I understand, and excuse me to change my account to another email, how do I do it? If I already have it synchronized to an email.


    • EDAN
      EDAN commented
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      La única forma es que te cambien el ID, porque no transfieren el progreso entre cuentas