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  • Banimento permanente

    Good afternoon ... I come through this email to explain. I have an account at Bomber Friends 4 years ago, and from what I saw today as soon as I updated the game, it was that my account was banned because of cheat. I never used cheat in my account, but I shared it with 3 people ... And I deposited $ 300 into that account ... Please, I want my account returned. This is certainly a mistake. I would never use cheat on an account and I spent so much money on it.

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    I can check your player profile. I need your player ID number from the game. Open Bomber Friends settings. Tap the button to report a bug. This opens your email. The player ID number is in that email. You can send it in a private message.
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    I mean i would think the name Permanent should give you an understanding of how long it would be. If it wasnt going to be a permanent ban they wouldnt call it "Permanent" With that said im not sure why you would ask them for special services that no one else had just for you.