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Not many advertisers targeting Nvidia Shield

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  • Not many advertisers targeting Nvidia Shield

    This is not so much a bug as an issue with supply/demand perhaps.
    I'm using the Nvidia Shield in Australia. Playing on my phone I get ads. On the shield I get 'video not found' a lot. I'm not sure if the ad network is just unable to find enough advertisers but it seems like a lost revenue opportunity and also makes it impossible to expedite chest opening without season passes (which I have had a number of. )

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    We don't handle the ads ourselves and I don't have first hand knowledge on how the ads are targeted. It sounds logical that it is the advertisers who don't realize they could target to Nvidia Shield.

    I will keep this in mind for when we talk about the ads / ad providers with the Bomber Team. Maybe there is something we can do about it.
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