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Banned for cheating twice

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  • Banned for cheating twice

    So I recently dowloaded bomber friends again and after playing for about an hour, my phone died and when I turned it back on I was banned for cheating for 7 days. No biggie, I waited the 7 days and when I went back in today, I was waiting to get into a battle game and it banned me again. Didn’t even get to play once after my 7 day Ban.
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    Hello! There was a bug in a recent version of the game which gives you a ban for using one of the common heads. The problem is already fixed in the new version though. I'll unban you. Please change your character's head before entering a match if you don't have the latest update yet (sorry, I'm not sure if App Store has released the latest version for iOS, it usually takes a bit longer with App Store as it does with Google Play Store). Welcome back to play!
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      Thank you! I thought I changed the head but it didn’t save. Could you unban me again?


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        Nem joga direito sei e fui banido tem algo errado