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Got Banned for no reason!

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  • Got Banned for no reason!

    3 days ago i was in multiplayer card game my app closed and i received a message saying I'm banned because of cheating!?
    I have never cheated, hacked nor do i know how to!?
    Everything i have unlocked is by buying items or winning events
    This is unfair banning ppl for no reason!
    I have never encountered any hackers or cheaters. I thought its impossible
    Your auto ban system is flawed
    Would like to know the reasoning for my ban asap

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    I can't check your player profile without the player ID number. There were some cases last week where the automatic ban system mistakenly banned players for something that was not cheating. There were 40 cases and they have been already unbanned. If you got the 7 days ban it should be over by now....
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