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NUEVO BUG: Subir de nivel en arena, ES INJUSTO

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  • NUEVO BUG: Subir de nivel en arena, ES INJUSTO

    Este bug es baneable miren el video, si es todo lo contrario deberían hacer algo al respecto.

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    Muchas gracias por esa información, espero que maija lo vea pronto


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      Hello Maija , I am going to explain how the Bug is since the video is long and at the beginning it talks about 4 minutes about the dragonay player.
      The bug consists of having two Google accounts, one is the one that you will use to upload medals, and the other account will be low medals so that you can generate the Bug.
      When you hit the battle button in the main account, you quickly switch to the other account that has few medals, that way the main account will connect with the beginners and that way you will easily win, the medals you win will go to the main account and the other account will remain the same
      I hope you can understand it and do something and now with that video that they uploaded I think many are going to do it
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