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Mistaken Transaction - No email response, Google no response, please help

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  • Mistaken Transaction - No email response, Google no response, please help

    Hi there

    My 5 year old son was playing Stunt Extreme and mistakenly purchased gems, while on my wife's phone. The transaction is large where we are from and cannot afford it.

    I have tried google and they say we must contact you the developer. When we mail support, you say we must talk to google. So who do we talk to when Google are saying talk to you and you are saying talk to google!

    Please help.


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    Hello! All purchases go through Google Play Store and Google is the one who gives refunds. If the request for a refund doesn't meet the criteria for Google Play Store refund policy they always ask the player to talk to the developers instead.

    Always use password verification in Google Play Store to prevent accidental and unwanted purchases.

    Have you sent the email to Stunt Extreme support email? Since you have found your way to the Bomber Friends Forum you might have sent the message to [email protected] which deals mostly Bomber Friends issues. You should send the email from Stunt Car Extreme in-game settings to reach the right people.
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      Hi yes, we went to google, they say we have to talk to yourselves! please, this is ridiculous. We mailed from the app, we attached the order number and everything you requested of us! and we are still nowhere!!! please we need this REFUND!


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        and yes, we emailed the stunt car extreme support! we emailed the ordernumber, the proof of everything, and still nothing! PLEASE Help Us.