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  • Resurrection bug

    When you lose in company mode, you can resurrect up to 5 times for free, but then you have to pay with diamonds, why pay with diamonds in single player mode ??? And at the same time it is very expensive, it would be better to pay in bars, because without the Internet it is impossible to pay. In general, the bug is that if you log into your account, then you are again given 5 resurrection. And it's absolutely free, you don't even have to pay 320 diamonds for resurrection

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    Ummmm.... If you play offline your game progress is not saved to cloud. You are saying you get 5 free extra lives every time you log in?
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      I get them when I switch to another account and then back to my own. You can also get it if you erase the application data and go to your account, you must add the synchronization of resurrection points.