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I can't open a chest?

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  • I can't open a chest?

    I can't open a chest..
    every time I do that..
    It says.
    Connection field!
    ​please retry logging in to bomber friends arena!
    And go out of the game??

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    Hello! This happens when you are trying to open a chest you don't really have. For example if it has been opened on a different device all ready.

    If you only play on one device first RESTART the game and try again.

    If that doesn't help I need the player ID number to investigate the issue.
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      Hello, I have the same problem. I can't open the chest. I have restart my appli and it can't work. Please help!
      My identification number is FCA5A64D5129E607
      My boyfriend has the same problem, this id is C8744E81B013A89B
      I don't have the same account. And we have never change of phone with this game. We beginning the game yesterday.
      Sorry for my English, I'm French Et I have difficult With english grammar.
      Have good day!


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        My player ID is 19EDBC276B780885 I have the same issue. I tried everything, but still the chests aren't opening. I've used it only from 1 device. Kindly consider the issue.
        Thank you!


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          Hello guys! Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. After investigating and checking player profiles we were able to find the problem. It has now been fixed.

          Thank you for your patience!
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