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Disappearing bombs

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  • Disappearing bombs

    There is one problem, if 1 player places a bomb and another puts it on the same place at the same time, then the first player's bomb will be placed, but it will be replaced by the second player's bomb, as if there are no visible problems, but they start when it comes to special bombs, because in this way they disappear when, for example, they have nowhere to land, or there will be a situation that in the first case, I had such that I put a shield, it turns on and another player puts a bomb on top of it and it disappears and does not return to inventory.

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    There is about the same bug in the "clan" event after death, your cooldown is reset even when it is active, but in fact it is, and if you place a special bomb in this way, it will disappear.


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      Ese es un retraso, cuando pasa eso es porque el otro jugador puso primero la bomba y el servidor lo reconoce y por eso desaparece la bomba que pusiste.
      deberían arreglar eso, que el servidor vuelva a darte la bomba especial una vez que reconoció el error


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        The problem is that once the bomb is gone, it cannot be returned. how to make the server understand that this is an error and return the lost bomb to me?