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Game won't load even having connection

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  • Game won't load even having connection

    Hi! Good day.
    I have this issue where the game just loads but won't open yet I have my strong internet connection. I can only play the part where no internet needed. This happen when some loser gamer I think hacked my account which after that game I can't anymore open and it just keeps loading. I don't wanna use another account cause definitely I will start all over again which is a waste cause this issue is not even my fault. I played fairly in this game cause in the first place I hate hacking. I don't wanna lose this game either cause this give me such entertainment. So please can someone help me?

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    Hola, intenta abrir el juego con otra conexión a internet para averiguar si es el Internet que usas o directamente es un problema de el juego.
    si no intenta desinstalar e volver a intentar el juego, luego saldrá una ventana para vincular tu cuenta y solo debes esperar a que cargue la cuenta, si tú progreso era alto tardará más en cargarse


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      Ni nada de eso funciona pasa tu ID por aquí, maija cuando vea este mensaje podrá solucionarlo


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        Someone else can only enter your account if you have given them your Google password.

        Make sure you have installed the latest update of the game. If that doesn't help I need your player ID number to check your player profile.
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          Hello I'm also experiencing a similar issue. My player ID is 20DA659115A13A32. Even reinstalling takes longer than usual. My game is already updated to the latest version, but I can't enter arena or VS friends. It displays "Connection failed" and "Network Error". I have not given anybody access to my Google password, and I also do not use hacks. Please help.


          • Maija
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            I see no reason for your problems on your profile. Please try if cleaning up your phone helps. Uninstalling irrelevant apps, clearing cache files and deleting stuff you don't need is a good idea. Check your settings to make sure there is no random apps making your phone or/and connection slow. Do a virus scan etc.

          • bomberfriends02
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            Sure I will check. Thank you so much! ☺️