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Minor Ghostly Glitch Issues

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  • Minor Ghostly Glitch Issues

    As stated, this subject is of a small infraction within the gameplay. It is mostly an annoyance, but seems to be a legitimate programming oversight.
    Quite a small bug.
    It seems that upon the game maps that include spaces of what appear to be water in which bomb blasts travel accross, being a ghost has some issues.
    We all know that being ghostly after being blasted means you can walk over walls and bombs.
    There are definitely some collision coding errors afoot on these maps. Ghost players can not always travel in any direction over these waterways. Sometimes you're simply stuck in one place as you try to move over one of these areas. In the instances where things act properly, a player can move freely in any and all directions without issue over these waterway squares.
    Honestly though, a ghostly player has totally been bombed, so they don't have much to win with. This little sort of glitch though catches the players who like to go curse others.

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    We are aware the ghosts have some problems crossing the water sometimes. It usually happens when the player is not moving straight to left/right or up/down. It's such a minor thing though that it's not very high priority on the list of things to fix. But it is on the list!
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    • The Killer
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      Perhaps this should have been mentioned within the other post I released-->
      We could truly have a more competitive game option wherein players do not become ghosts. Instead, bombed players sit back and watch and and can not interact with those left unbombed.
      Several players I play with seem to have a huge issue with my floating around to curse them. It is to the point at times that I am cussed out, to which I usually remind them "It's a game. Chillax."
      A competitive setting would please many, many players.
      Oh yeah! Thanks for reading my posts!

    • Maija
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      We are working on a new way of playing the game.... and there will be no ghosts in the new game mode. Players who die can leave and join in a new match right away.

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    dont fix that.... Screw the ghosts :P EHEHEHEHHEHEH


    • The Killer
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      Lol. It's not a total competitive game, though. I mean it isn't like Smash 4 for example. There are no ways of shutting the players out that become bombed, just so the rest can play it competitive.