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    Good afternoon,
    I have two quick questions.
    1. With the latest update I am no longer able to see my rank as in General, Brigadier, etc... Am I missing something? How do I check this again?
    2. When I completed level 300 I didn't get the glasses and mask as a reward. I completed this level more than once but that didn't help.
    How do I make sure I get these rewards?

    Thanks for all you do. Overall this is a great game other than it keeps disconnecting every now and then during Arena.

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    1. You can see the rank in the top left corner in the Single Player screen and when you play the matches in VS Friends. We plan to renew the Player Profile screen and add some stats there including the rank.

    2. There is a bug in the rewards but it'll be fixed in the next update. It took us a moment to notice this because usually not getting the rewards means the player has tried to hack them so I ignored the first messages complaining about the issue.

    Thank you for playing!
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