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I Can't Login to my 3rd Phone

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  • I Can't Login to my 3rd Phone

    Hello Admins, I have tried to do login to my 3rd phone using my same email for Bomber friends game but i can't. Are 1 Email limited to be used in Maximum 2 phones only? If not, what is the cause of my problem? I have done syncing Email but it did not work. Thank you

    thank you

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    It's the same with me, I do not know what to do.


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      Hello! At the moment Google Play Games automatically logs in the game. If there are more than one Google account on the device it might log in with a wrong one. Since it is not possible to log out and back in with a different account, this is a problem. It might work if you make sure you are logged in the Google Play Games app with the Google account you want to use in Bomber Friends.

      The devs are working on this issue. There will be some kind of solution to this problem soon(ish).
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