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  • Connection Problem!!

    Hello hyperkani. The connection problem is still exist. Always lost points when connection problem occur. The bomb got stuck with quoatation mark and then suddenlly I got bomb with my own bomb. It hurt when you lost 50 points in 1 game because of connection error and need to get it back by winning 3-4 games.

    The picture I attached show that the connection error occur whenever the ping is extremely red. That extremely red is always happen. Thank you.
    UC browser SHAREit MX player
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    Ping is a number that tells you how good the connection is. It is not that a red ping causes connection problems. It is the other way around. When you have connection problems the ping is red. It is the same as a thermometer that shows -10 celcius when it is freezing outside.

    What is causing your connection problems? There can be many possibilities. it can be your phone, your router, your internet provider, our server or anything between any of these.
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