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    So the day of an update when a couple more stuff were purchasable with bomberium and gems in the customize section, and leaked items were also appear as what would be next season items will be. That's one thing I do love, seeing what are items coming soon. One thing I didn't like about the update was how about all the hats were resized or moved from a certain place from the head. It may have been stated that it was a bug here;
    Hello Maija i found a bug for Sailor Boy's back. It's getting weird for these players to use it. I mean look at this photo! Can you fix this by the same incoming Wishlists Update in Bomber?

    It has been awhile that this was never changed back the way it used to be, as I would hate that to be an forever feature because I don't like a lot of my hats I have that I used to be favorable to because of like of the new size of it or something off after that update. I have been sticking around the Instagram, seeing the old top hat size with the new legendary emote, hopefully all the hats will get back in place sometime soon.

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    Hello! The hat problem has been fixed but the new update has not been released yet and therefore the players don't have the fixed version yet. There is usually one monthly update when all next season items are added. There might be other updates if there are serious bugs in the game but we try not to have too many updates. We lose a lot of players each time there is an update because for many new players it is easier to just uninstall a game than to update.

    The next update with October season items will be available soon. The hat fix is in that update.
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      Verdade. Verdadeiro

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      Maija por favor ponga la opción de regalar diamante yo quiero mandarle aún amigo lejano y no puedo por favor se lo pido de nuevo ponga esa opción de regalar diamante

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      Hello Maija

      1 month ago I left your discord bomber friend for personal reasons, but now I would like to join the discord server. will i be able to get the bomber friend discord server link please this is my last request.

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    Maija por favor pon la opción de regalar diamante yo le quiero regalar a un amigo lejano pero no puedo ponga esa opción de regalar diamante porfavor


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      Hola maija pueden poner la opcion de regalar packs