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Cheating Technique in King of the Hill Arena Mode

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  • Cheating Technique in King of the Hill Arena Mode

    Maija, EDAN

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    ​​​​​Hello Bomber Friends team and everyone on the Bomber Friends forum! Today I come here to complain to the moderators about something that's been happening lately in King of the Hill battle mode. Lately many players are using a method in the mode that ends up spoiling the mode, what is happening is that many players are using the "Fake Bomb" card for an ease in the game, which is arresting the players of the opposing team with the fake bomb. How are players doing this? they first of all memorize where the opponent's birth point is and then go there as fast as possible, so while that player from the other team is going to the center of the map to get the flag, the enemy starts to fence his birth point. birth with the fake bomb card causing that player to be defeated and reborn, get stuck without being able to go over the bombs and has no bomb bomb, making it impossible to win the mode when this tactic happens! Bomber Friends team, I suggest an idea to solve this, the use of the cards in King of the Hill makes the mode very broken, it's not even fun to play in the mode, because the cards: Short Fuse Bomb, Destroyed Wall, fake bomb and floor wall makes the mode very predictable, my solution is to remove the use of cards in the mode due to these appealing play! I know this is a player-created strategy but this same strategy ends up hurting other players
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    This strategy has been in use from the start. It is nothing new. You need a partner that will rescue you or you need a card like Nuke Blast or Air Strike which will blow up a wider area of the map and set you free. Or you can try to protect your rebirth place with land mine, wall builder or some crazy strategy.
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      Yes,one time i arrested in event,In king of the hills all gone crazy,my teammate died arrested,i died,because they was 2 players.And arrested.