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Row of Bombs Error

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  • Row of Bombs Error

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences this error, but there are times when I activate the Row of Bombs in Arena/Clan Event and it only ends up placing 1 regular bomb. This is frustrating. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. Please have it fixed.

    Also, the functionality of it kinda sucks in terms of speed and response. When I try to use it then quickly flee or turn to another direction, the bombs line up in the direction where I'm going instead of the direction I initially faced. Winged Bomb fortunately doesn't have this, however, Row of Bombs does.

    Please have this fixed. It gets in the way of gameplay. Thank you.

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    If there is only one bomb instead of a complete row it probably means there was no room to place more than one bomb? To investigate something like this we need to see what happens. Please report a match and write in the message what happened. Mention the time where it happens so we can skip right to it. Thanks!
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      I'm sure there was room when I executing at the right direction, however end up with 1 bomb. Perfect! I forgot about that feature. Thanks for reminding though. I appreciate that you also fix the bomb directing to the wrong way issue as well. Thanks.