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Why only one ad per day now?

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  • Why only one ad per day now?

    Hello. With new release I have only one ad per day for speeding up opening chests. why? There were 8 ads per day a week ago. I always use ads cause it saves time

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    You can open a chest with 18 gems. Opening a chest by watching an ad is kind of like us giving the player 18 gems. One ad is Ok, but If you watch 10 ads a day, that is like we would give you 180 gems. That is too much. For now we will allow one daily reward ad to speed up the chest opening. But we will keep our eyes on the statistics to see how players react to this change. Nobody is usually happy if something is taken away.
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      OK I see. So good news technically everything works as expected. Thank you for a quick respond.

      Bad news - the balance is broken )

      Let me explain in details.

      The balance in the game is extremely well polished. Even if you can spend much money, you have to spend time. If you have all the achievements (rather quickly) - other more skilled players will beat you.
      Even if you play against an over4000points monster - you can get luck with protection shields and beat him.
      That balance makes me don't stop playing. Because I have a chance to reach 9th level.

      So here I am, opening chests almost non stop for almost 8 months.I did buy some items, my overall money spent is for about 50$ (but in total for different accounts).
      Usually I buy something for my relatives to stop them bumping into ads. But for chests I use them. And you know it is very difficult to be patient and watch that usually stupid and usually awfully designed ads many times! The same ads again and again.

      And I still don't have the latest level for bless generator. Just because I don't have 5000 points and 100 000 coins. Collecting that amount of coins is about 50 days deal) But collecting power-ups is very difficult even if you buy them at shop.
      But I've done some buys, you remember.
      And I have 15000 experience. So I thought I'll get 20000 in for about 40 days. And now I have less points per day... So, two more months of everyday "work".

      You may think I'm crazy. No, I'm not. Just keen on maths and love bomberman from old 90's with Dendy and some old PC versions. If I had no nostalgie, I wouldn't play for months for that strange achievements ) That would be boring. Buying clothes is not interesting for me. Even teaming is not so attractive now, just because I often play with the same people. (By the way, we are teaming, when we a boring).

      Adding cake-event or stars above the head don't make play flow funnier. I'm being looked at that [kiddy] stars over the heads for two weeks already. Tired of that.

      And I've noticed you don't give 8 stars on the bronze arena... That definitely changed not so far ago.

      So, to make a conclusion.

      I'm disappointed of changed forecasts for achieving 9th level.
      I'm a big fan, but I'm getting bored (even teaming is not funny now).
      I see the same skilled people.
      I don't understand why I often play with 3200+ players having 2000-2500 exp.
      I have now no interest in bronze league - their chests are almost the same as Arena 7.

      All my complaints are for team mode, as you see. But I'm not interested in other modes at all ) Only rarely in private rooms.
      And another big thing is I'm not playing any other games. Neither phone nor PC.
      So sad to loose motivation with bomberman.

      I won't recommend anybody playing it. Because you have to spend more than a year, and if you are ready to spend money - that won't save you much time )
      That's for people, who wants to get some results, for sure.

      Hope, smth will change after 5yearsbirthdayparty


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        Hello! I don't understand everything you are saying. What are stars in bronze Arena?

        We actually just had a meeting last week about a balance update. I will make a post about it soon and ask for feedback.

        We keep an eye out on the statistics and we know which cards are used the most and which Arena the players get stuck on. It can be boring if everyone has the same cards in their battle deck. Therefore we hope to make the cards more equal so that everyone doesn't have the same cards and there can be different kind of decks based on what kind of strategy you have.

        In a nutshell we are going to make most of the cards better (but not the Force Field and Throw Wall) and we have few new ideas for new cards. Also some rarities are going to change. And we will hand out some of the new cards when you enter a new Arena. Hopefully the Arena battles will become more hectic and interesting.

        Most players get stuck at 2000 medals. That's why you often play with same people - there are not that many players past 2k! There are not enough players over 2k to have matches where everyone is close to one another in medals. Hopefully the balance update will also change this and more players get beyond 2k! We have to wait and see.

        If you have to spend a year with this game that is a positive thing. At least in our perspective! There is not much point if you get everything in couple of months
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          Thank you for a long read reply with interesting info. Looks like I should visit the forum more often

          Stars above head and stars from chests (experience)are in the attachment.

          Do I understand correctly that you give 7 experience points per chest on the bronze arena to stop skilled players to become stronger faster? Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191016_090448_304.jpg
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ID:	20740 on the other hand, my journey will last longer. Hopefully there are only 5000 left to the end...

          actually my top result is less than 2900 so bronze chests don't do much for me )) and I can fall from 2500 to 1700 if I'm tired or fortune left me alone. In the same time I see other players don't show stable result too. But there are who shows )

          OK I know what to do. play and wait Click image for larger version

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            Hard to add photos from phone


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              please make four or three ads...