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Mudança da quantidade de medalhas ganhas

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  • Mudança da quantidade de medalhas ganhas

    (PT-BR) Olá, eu gostaria de perguntar porque sempre que os jogadores reclamam das mudanças feitas no game, a administração não faz nada pra apoiar a comunidade e seguir as sugestões, mas, quando os jogadores não reclamam de nada, a administração muda.
    Chega a ser cômico vocês mudarem a quantidade que ganha no meio da temporada. Caso vocês não saibam, o Brasil é o país mais competitivo do jogo, portanto é muito mais difícil ganhar medalhas do que um gringo ganha, porque a maioria dos gringos são noobs. Então, uma única pergunta: Porque?

    Hello, I would like to ask why whenever players complain about the changes made to the game, the administration does nothing to support the community and follow the suggestions, but when the players do not complain about anything, the administration changes. It's even comical that you change the amount you earn in the middle of the season. In case you don't know, Brazil is the most competitive country in the game, so it is much more difficult to win medals than a foreigner wins, because most foreigner are noobs. So, a single question: Why?

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    That is a bit hurtful actually. I'm always here for the community.

    Well, first of all if something is changed it takes a lot of time. If players complain about something now there might be a change in a month or 6 months. Game developing is a slow process.

    Also, not all complains make sense. Sometimes the ones complaining don't know what they are talking about. For example complaining that there shouldn't be ads or my all time favorite complain "why my hack is not working". There is also a difference between feedback and complaining. Feedback gives us information and ideas on how things could be better.

    The biggest reason for not reacting to complaints quickly is that we base our decisions on the statistics. For example, players can complain that the event is stupid and hard but then from the statistics we can see it has been the most popular event of the season. If we would only listen to complaints that event would never return but since we also check the statistics it will come back later on. The players making the most noise don't always represent the whole community. Sometimes complaints and stats say the same thing - for example when a new default controller for special bombs was added a couple of years ago and it was set as default. It was hated in comments and statistics.

    ...and to answer the question about the medals. For the past two weeks the medal system didn't work like it was originally planned and players got medals too easily. Problem is fixed now.
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      It doesn't make sense to make it difficult for players to get medals. let the players regulate the medal system themselves.

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    Mano tá um lixo quando o jogo tava ruim vocês não mexiam quando tava bom vocês mexeram

    Chega to com raiva a culpa não é nossa se os gringos são ruim é vocês tem que mudar a nossa pontuação de medalhas eu tava gostando mas agora tá um lixo Vocês não ajudam