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Is this how are the matchmakings in Arena are supposed to work?

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  • Is this how are the matchmakings in Arena are supposed to work?

    I’m still like an amateur playing this game (almost a year that I came back playing again), so like I’m not someone on Arena mode that could make about 5,000 medals because of the way my experience is playing the game such as insta-killers with shields, 1v2 situation, 1v3, like it’s really harsh for me. Ever since that duel mode became a thing, I don’t know how much that I could thank the creators for it. About this topic, is there any matching conditions in like both the arena modes? I’m only in the Bronze 2 League, and I was up against someone in Platinum League, which I founded really unfair because it was way beyond a challenge.
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    Most players are under 2800 medals and everyone above that is considered a "pro". The match making is harder on 2800+ because there are not that many players to match with. The 9K player has probably waited for a long time to anyone come online to search for a match. Your 3786 has been the highest player that the game was able to find to match against that person.

    In the next update we will open the 4th card slot to everyone who is in the leagues. This will make it a bit more fair since everyone will have 4 cards.
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