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    In computer science, one way of doing fair scheduling is to remember the unfair bias when a task takes too long and compensate with a less cpu time next round.

    Can you do that with koth? If after 10 matches I get teamed with 8 teams 5000 points above me, its a lousy experience. Could you consider adding a fraction of the difference as a penalty to my level when I search a subsequent game?

    2000+2000 vs 6000+6000.
    i.e. 4000 vs 12000 combined.
    This is unfair. I'm likely to lose. The difference is 8000 so give me a 1000 point subtraction next time I search so I get paired against weaker opponents and the average opponent level evens out to hopefully the same as my actual level.


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    Or put it simpler, out of 50 games against a 6500+ clam, I lose 100% of them. How is that fair? If you match me with them, match me equally with people below. If they have to wait, I don't care. They aren't my level.


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      This is still driving me insane. I am not playing better or worse but depending on time of day I can go up or down 500 points. Here is why:

      Say we have 30 players at 3000, I am 4000 medals and 30 players at 6000 medals.
      Right now, KoTH will pair two 6000 medal players together, me and a 3000 player together, then match us up. That is SUPER unfair. Every time I am the underdog because I'm closer to 3000 than 6000.

      Now lets say I log on at a different time and there are 30 2000 medal players and 30 5000 level players, now I am paired with the 5000s and vs the 2000s. Again, super unfair.

      You can say "but there is a mix of players" but that's not true either. Any mix of players will split into two groups if you use the algorithm above. You will always unfairly have the good players way outrank the weak ones.


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        Thank you for the thorough explanation of your experience. To my understanding the matchmaking in KotH uses the average medal amount between players. Your experience however makes it look like it is not working like it was planned. It might be that there is a problem weather the players are searching for an other clan or a random team.
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          To my understanding the matchmaking in KotH uses the average medal amount between players. Your experience however makes it look like it is not working like it was planned.
          I think it might be to do with when the matching is happening. At a guess, when I search I get paired first with someone of similar level, then our team gets paired with another team. That's very unfair. This sort of thing happens: Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210916-144421.jpg
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          (Note that two strong players vs two weaker players both times).
          What I think you want to do is rebalance the 4 players before the game starts if everyone is random.
          If you pair up into teams first then this clustering happens and is pushes medal tallies *away* from each other.
          Maybe that's better to get people to grind away? I'm not sure about monetization but it's frustrating when it happens repeatedly is all.


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            I talked with the devs and it seems the match making is not working like it was planned in the beginning. The point never was to have higher players matched against lower players.

            To get this fixed will take some time. It is too late to change anything for the next update and this is an issue that needs some server work also.
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              A question Maija, the error (-50) is caused because they are re 'programming the servers?


              Una pregunta Maija, el error (-50) es causado porque están re' programando los servidores?

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            I got FINAL BOSS and is not fair.And tricky bf.