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  • Trade with friends

    Hi, is it possible to make trade option for example to give gems or items or skin to friends ?
    It can be cool

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    Hmmm.. yeah I was thinking about this too! the thing is: what if someone gets scammed?

    people do have to get the things theirselves.. will packs be tradeable too then? will legendary be for trade? hmm.. yes, I think so!
    if bf adds trading:
    Packs will be tradeable: you can't give a part of the pack but EVERYTHING!
    2: campaign items are NOT tradeable!
    3: bombarium.. you can't give 1 but.. this would be smart:
    [How many bomberium will you give?:] you can put in as many as you want, except.. fi you have just 100 bomberium [EXAMPLE!] you can't give more than that! same with the gems!