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i think the kicking system on "vs friends is really annoying"

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  • i think the kicking system on "vs friends is really annoying"

    when I join some random games in "vs friends" and I don't do anything wrong I get kicked by the owner like it doesn't seem fair that the owner has the power to do that since sometimes players get kicked out by the reason they are bad in the game or the reason because they just hate you. could there be another to make this less abusive like not kick out the player but make the player view the games at least? that would it be a less abusive way since some people don't wanna get kicked out since they wanna watch their favorite YouTuber so it would be cool if people could at least watch them and leave if they want

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    Even for no reason its their choice, you could always join another room but, since 2020 some players got toxic, like A l i, he says my dog and that.. but thats just 1 person.. there are lots of these since 2020


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      ye but sometimes the owners kick you in every single one this happened to me once since the owners get pissed at me by the reason that i just killed them like that's how the game works


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        spectate mode would be really good and better if there was mini championchips where all players pay 500 coins and the winner gets them and better if u are spectating and u could get on queue to play the next round with new players


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          Does anyone know how to report abusive players??


          • |\|ico
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            u have to pause and press the button report player and press on his avatar and write the reason why u report him

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          Room creator has the choice to kick others out. This was added so that room creators can kick out toxic players. The kicking for no good reason is just a price we need to pay for this. Best way to make a change is to create rooms yourselves and NOT kick anyone out without a good reason. This will start to change the kicking culture eventually.

          We have also brainstormed about a rank limit or medal limit that the room creator can add to the room. Since sometimes people are getting kicked out because they are too high rank or medals.
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