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    I come to bring some suggestions to the game.

    1 - could improve the room creation system, giving more options and being able to invite friends in the future.
    example: being able to remove the shield, the skull (I says that, 'cause I don't know the real name) or some other item.

    2 - about the settings, more precisely the joystick. I think could give us more than that, we could change his position (put more to up or down, more to the right or left, increase or decrease etc.) and that the character only moves when clicking the joystick or in the left area, the right area should only be used for the bombs!

    3 - other suggestion's to give us the power to regulate the sensitivity, I've been playing on an inferior phone, due to the lack of sensitivity on the phone, many times the joystick didn't follow my movements.
    Please don't say that it's my blame for playing on an inferior phone. Many players don't have good phones. It happens.

    4 - about the forum: there must be more staffs working, especially those who can speak other languages (portuguese and spanish, precisely) to serve mainly these specific areas.
    And I say again about the use of Discord.

    I says again sorry my english's bad.


    Venho trazer algumas sugestões para o jogo.

    1 - poderia melhorar o sistema de criação de salas, oferecendo mais opções e podendo convidar amigos no futuro.
    exemplo: poder remover o escudo, a caveira (eu digo isso, porque não sei o nome verdadeiro) ou algum outro item.

    2 - sobre as configurações, mais precisamente o joystick. Eu acho que poderia nos dar mais do que isso, poderíamos mudar sua posição (colocar mais para cima ou para baixo, mais para a direita ou esquerda, aumentar ou diminuir etc.) e que o personagem só se mova ao clicar no joystick ou na área esquerda, a área direita só deve ser usada para as bombas!

    3 - outra sugestão é que nos dê o poder de regular a sensibilidade, eu joguei em um telefone inferior, devido à falta de sensibilidade do telefone, muitas vezes o joystick não acompanha meus movimentos.
    Por favor, não diga que é minha culpa jogar em um telefone inferior. Muitos jogadores não têm bons telefones. Acontece.

    4 - sobre o fórum: deve haver mais funcionários trabalhando, principalmente aqueles que falam outros idiomas (português e espanhol, precisamente) para atender principalmente a essas áreas específicas.
    E digo novamente sobre o uso do Discord.

    Digo novamente, desculpa, meu inglês é ruim.

    Vengo a traer algunas sugerencias para el juego.

    1 - podría mejorar el sistema de creación de salas, ofreciendo más opciones y poder invitar amigos en el futuro.
    ejemplo: poder quitar el escudo, el cráneo (lo digo porque no sé el nombre real) o algún otro elemento.

    2 - sobre la configuración, más precisamente el joystick. Creo que podría darnos más que eso, podríamos cambiar su posición (poner más arriba o abajo, más a la derecha o izquierda, aumentar o disminuir, etc.) y que el personaje solo se mueve al hacer clic en el joystick o en área izquierda ¡El área derecha solo debe usarse para las bombas!

    3 - otra sugerencia es darnos el poder de regular la sensibilidad, jugué en un teléfono inferior, debido a la falta de sensibilidad en el teléfono, a menudo el joystick no sigue mis movimientos.
    Por favor, no digas que es mi culpa jugar en un teléfono inferior. Muchos jugadores no tienen buenos teléfonos.

    4 - sobre el foro: debe haber más empleados trabajando, especialmente aquellos que hablan otros idiomas (portugués y español) para atender estas áreas específicas.
    Y digo nuevamente sobre el uso de Discord.

    Lo digo de nuevo, lo siento, mi inglés es malo.


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    Maija, come here. Answer my post


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      We are a very small company. We have 11 people working here at the moment and only half of us are part of the Bomber Team. We do listen to players and the suggestions but we don't have staff to make all the changes. We need to prioritize. Hiring more people is not an option. Even if there was enough money to hire someone it would probably be someone to help the developers write the code - not someone who can answer questions on the forum. However, we will have a summer trainee coming in on June who has studied both Portuguese and Spanish. She'll be checking messages here on the forum for a couple of months (among other duties). We'll hopefully clean this forum a bit by deleting old messages and writing new tutorials etc.
      Perguntas frequentes
      Preguntas frecuentes


      • xupacu
        xupacu commented
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        11 people? my god, now i understand why so many bugs and connection problems, i wanted to apologize for my very "aggressive" comments about the bugs, I'm just taking note of the size of the team now, but don't think that the apologies for my aggressive tone cancel out my criticisms ok, well I'm happy to invest in the game despite the problems, and I would like to know if you are publicly traded and if so, how could I invest in addition to in-game purchases, I currently live in Brazil

      • Maija
        Maija commented
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        Don't worry about your aggressive tone. I am not fragile.
        One of my duties is to read through what players are saying and find out where there are problems and bugs. Whenever there is a serious bug there is also dozens of messages about it! The best messages are the ones that explain many details about the bug because then it is easier for me to figure out what is going on and explain it to the developers. Some bugs are quite impossible though. If there is only one player complaining about something and he can't even explain it with details it is really hard to figure out what happened and if it might been happening to other players too. Whenever there is a bug it is always good to let me know! If it is something serious there will be many players telling me the same thing and then I will probably get enough clues on the issue!

        At the moment the best ways to support us is to make in-app purchases and of course promote the game to other people who might like it! Clans are coming soon and hopefully this will make the game more popular. We'll see

      • xupacu
        xupacu commented
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        I will start recording the bugs that I encounter in the game, I believe that this way is better to understand and fix it
        this video is a great example of the bugs that are occurring lately

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      Hello Hyperkani team,
      Apologies if this has been asked already, but as key suggestion and a priority over building other formats...

      We have been playing for some time but getting a little tired from the arena battles...we are all losing interest because our small group all find that we seem to play against bot/AI/computer opponents. This is a disincentive to play arena matches. I have read your other thread where you say there are not Bots and this is only down to not finding enough plaayers from the same medal range and so sometimes you have to allocate higher medal players to smaller levels....however as a small group we desperately try to play each other in the area and set up an audio call and click "battle" at the same time.....from trying this for 30 mins, only 2 players faced each other about 20 battles....however we faced may people with 500 or 600 more medals than us. So you can't be struggling to match players of similar quality when me and my friend who are in the same zone and medal difference of 100 are not matching.....either you have bots or you have something preventing people in the same range mathing up in the arena battles.


      Please can you allow friends to play each other using their power packs or decks that they have won through the battles. By offering this option/format either in the community area or keep it exclusive to the Clan room (which ever is easier/quicker for you) it will encourage players to fight more in the main battles again to get more coins to get better power ups. Ultimately we do not want to play bots/computer all the time or play people from higher leagues who have much better power packs...we want to play our firends with and with out our power decks.

      Even if you replicate the arena and offer this format for max 4 users just like arena, fine no problem.

      Thank you and look forward to any update as to when this vs Friends with power decks may be available?!



      • EDAN
        EDAN commented
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        Hola, un modo vs amigos con cartas es genial, pero sobre que hay bots, para mí no es posible, si te han tocado jugadores con mas medallas que tú es porque no hay muchos jugadores de tu zona conectados en ese tiempo, por lo que el servidor buscará a otros oponentes con medallas más altas, y si quieres jugar con tu amigo en la arena deben tocar el botón de batalla casi al mismo tiempo, para cuando se cree la sala el servidor buscará a tu amigo más rápido ya que los dos poseen las mismas medallas