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  • Legendary Festive Lights Bomb

    I really want this bomb... like very badly

    Does anyone know when any possible times this would be around? I sometimes think that it may be around December because of the Christmas lights, but I'm already seeing 2 Christmas related bombs and there could be possibly a new legendary bomb during the Christmas season. I've also been waiting Mega Bundle after Mega Bundle for this since I be thinking there's a chance it would come there at anytime, and it still hasn't come around.

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    The legendary Festive Lights Bomb will come available on December. Christmas themed legendary bombs are only available around Christmas time and therefore the chance to get one comes around once a year.

    The December season plans are not final yet but at the moment it looks like the festive light bomb will be the final reward in the Season Pass.
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      Thank you, Maija. I really appreciate for all the heads up. I thought I could never get in touch with someone from Hyperkani. For sure when December arrives, I'm gonna get it after many months. I hope you have a nice day, and I really do appreciate for all the responses from you!


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        Over 200 views here? That's nice to see, especially when I can tell people wants this bomb as well. I'm also seeing a post with over 25,000 views, that's really crazy I find it.


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          We have lots of "lurkers" on the forum. If I have to guess I'll say the post with 25K views is one about the card balance changes.