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Adding friends from the Arena

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  • Adding friends from the Arena

    That is, when you play a match it ends, you can add friends by their profile, and to have a private chat for messages, and something like searching for players by name or clan, and so that the friends you have added you can call them to play in the arena or multiplayer, and you can share resources. You can come up with ideas for this for a long time, what do you think?

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    The clan system was created for this purpose. You can collect friends to the same clan with you. Clan leaders can send invites for players to join their clans and players can send joining requests. We are not currently planning on adding a separate friends list.
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      I mean in general about the clan, that you can add statistics to the clan where you can see the experience of friends or their resources or other statistics, or give them resources, such as items,you give the hat to the player, it disappears from you, and from him it appears. but still, this system has a drawback that if you are not the leader of the clan, you are not able to call a friend to the clan

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      Maybe you could tipe @(Player nickname here) and then, only that person can ser the message.