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  • Clans Updates Version 2.0

    Hello Maija it's been almost a year already since the clans updates has been released already. Since the clan leaders are just the only one in control in this clans. I have an ideas for these updates to take more responsibilities for the other players. We will adding a Admins & Officers or Co-leaders & Elders. Because the other games has already developed the Co-leaders & Elders in this clans games, so we will do it also. Here's what's happening in this logos for Leaders,Co-leaders & Elders. For Leader's logo is Golden Bomb. Then for Co-leader's logo is Star. & last for Elder's logo is Golden Eagle. & some other members are already promoted to Co-leaders & Elders for a very long time before the Clan Updates arrived in almost last year & during the Clans Updates has arrived & by every months thou. So what do you think of my ideas? & for all I know that Version 2.0 will be released in last week of March so that way it's our 1st anniversary for these Clan Updates. Then soon for next year I have more ideas for these crazy clan updates for clans thou.

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    BTW I forgot to say about these Co-leaders & Elders. The clan leaders will promote those members to become Elders & the Elders will do only is to kick those members in these clans. When the clan leaders will promote those Elders to become Co-leaders & The Co-leaders will do are promoting those members to become Elders & Co-leaders also & they will kick also for those members in these clans. When the clan leaders will demoted as their leader & replaced for Co-leaders is the old clan leader will become Co-leader. & the clan leaders will demote also if they cannot trust for these members even the Co-leaders also, like the Co-leader has been demoted to be Elder & The Elder has been demoted to be member. That's all I got, what do you think of my ideas Maija ?


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      I fully support this, the clans are too monotonous, despite having several things and events in common, this would bring what the clans of all games really offer, besides that it would be extremely useful.