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    Logos 4 clans
    With the new update and the comin' of the clans it would be good if we could insert logos or create in-game like the country flags.
    These logos would stay in the places of the flag and would be seen in public and arena mode.

    In addition, it's possible to see the clan name that's above or below the username.
    I wanted to make a suggestion for the public mode: the possibility of creatin' rooms and selectin' teams.
    Me and the fox are from clan X we will play as against the Dog and Cat of clan Y. Me and the fox chose the blue team. It would be cool if we could do this.


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    Hello! The clan flags are coming but we just didn't have time to add them in the first version.

    If you create a team battle with a clan mate the room appears in the VS Friends. The other team can be random players OR if there are two from the same clan waiting they can join to be the other team. Probably later on when there are more clans we can think of a system where the clan vs clan matches would work automatically.
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    • OD1N
      OD1N commented
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      Ok. Great job.

    • EDAN
      EDAN commented
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      Eso sería genial, así tendremos épicas batallas en equipo entre clanes

    • mary29
      mary29 commented
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      maija, los clanes tienen Bugs. También, creí que con el pase de temporada se podían crear clanes gratis, pero esa opción no sale pese a lo que informaron en Facebook