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Great Tips! New Cards? MINIGAMES?!?!?! MUCH MORE!

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  • Great Tips! New Cards? MINIGAMES?!?!?! MUCH MORE!

    dont add useless emotes that probably no one wants, like the ones with the monkey, it only has something to do for a limited amount of time, probably only used in a period of time.and from legendarys, dont make it all bombs, there are too fucking many bombs another idea is to add common and rare epics and stop updating only about new seasons, maybe some special updates too will there ever be a Chapter 2 Bomber Friends season 1 btw bomber friends more giveaways pls, not only about season passes but maybe like. random epics in game. +Less special offers. if its special dont make too much more new cards in game, i got an legendary item which is 'Copy Card' its legendary and the reason it is is cause you can change it into ANY card. and you can change it anytime New item customize idea: Walking effect. when you walk it maybe like walk with a trail or effect Another idea: Clan Votekick, if 10 players have chosen for player to be kicked off the clan, the person will get kicked Spin the wheel staying forever chance is too fucking low anyways New in-game thing: Minigames!! you can play Bomber Matches now!!!! like Knockout. what is knockout? you can choose to play with 1, or 3 person. if you die the other team get one point. if everyone in your team dies you lose. there are 3 matches. the team that won 2 times wins, more ideas for Bomber Minigames: Bomber Survival. in a normal map. 1 player will get spawned. the 3 others will have to wait. 1 of the 3 waiting will get in. now its a 1v1. the loser of the 1v1. will get out. if the one that got spawned in loses. the other will stay in. incase it is: try to stay in arena as long as possible -Bomber Casiono: You will waste 1000 bomberium or 10 gems. you will get random amount of bomberium or 10. you can also get nothing. Bomber betting. you can bet coins or gems. it will then be a round and the winner will get all the bomberium and gems that were betted on

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    1. Bomberian Roulette. there are 4 players. you must have 10k coins or more. you dont have to buy it or something. but you must have it. so. theres a bomber bot. 25% chance on losing. Basically nothing happens. the bomber bot will eliminate 1 random person in the roulette. the one that loses has 10k or more. so what happens? 75% of his coins will be lost. to the 3 winners of the roulette. every 3 player will get 25% of the bomber that was eliminated. other then Minigames: Bomber Awards every year there will be a Bomber Awards there is 3 prizes: 1: Golden Bomb 2: Silver Bomb 3: Bronze bomb
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      how to get? there are prizes for it: 3 winners for -Top 3 of -Best Fanart -Best Developer (only for maija, other bomber moderators) -Best Discord Moderators (junior mod. included) -Best clan leader (maybe,) -Top 3 in December last season fo year. most trophies.


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      -This can be live on the bomber channel. or just posted. there can be more for 'best' As for how to know information a new bomber feature: Bomber News. theres a 'news' small logo somewhere on the screen. there will be like for new bomber friends videos by popular youtubers. RTReviews, etc. new updates information and information for where you can find social links for bomber friends The video/information will always be found in 1 video. Bomber friends: CODES. if you redeem a code you can get differend prizes, most of you probably know how codes work. you can find them on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. some codes are permament. some are for a limited time. What can codes give you? -Gems -Bomberium -Card -random prize? NOTE: dont make codes TOO good. 1 code could give you maybe 10 gems, or 2k bomberium.. there can be new codes when there are -New special day (christmas, halloween, etc.(codes can be: MerryChristmasBF, HalloweenBOO2022, anything)) -Bomber Friends update. (NewUpdateBF30) -Birthday of special person (HappyBirthdayMaija) ... Theres also 'Youtube Codes' yt codes are for if you support a youtuber, if you buy an purchase. the yt will get 5% of the gems and bomberum -Clan co owner. what can co owner do? -can NOT change password. -can warn clan member (new feature: if you get 3 warnings you will get kicked from clan) -can change description Add starhunt events back


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        Maija you better read this or im gonna cry