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Clan Leagues An idea for a clan chest change

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  • Clan Leagues An idea for a clan chest change

    They could add a new system to earn clan chests
    Your clan competes against 7 other clans, the first to reach 2,500 points, win the best chest in the clan

    if they do not reach 2500 when the time ends they will be assigned the chest according to the clan points

    The system to earn points will remain the same 3 points for victory in arena 1 for victory in event

    Maybe the next thing I say is a bit ambitious

    Club Leagues

    Bronze 1 2 and 3, Silver 1 2 and 3 Gold 1 2 and 3 Platinum 1 2 and 3

    These leagues are similar to the arena ones but with the difference that for each victory or defeat in the clan chest they will add or subtract points from the clan.

    The rivals in the clan chest will be assigned according to the clan league Example: If my clan is Silver 2 I will match it against clans of Silver 2 or close league

    With this would also come a new leaderboard which will be from the Clan leagues

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    That idea was good. However, some of other members are inactived, how can be sure if there will be a new rewards after the Clan Leagues A.K.A Clan Chest Tasks since other members are inactived?