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    I bought "sailor boy" by accident, and i don't want that outfit. can i get back my gems and you take back the "body", "hat", and "bomb" ? I Didn't want the outfit. PLEASE...! Can I get back my gems just for this time ? if i can't then you are mean ! If you don't let me get the gems, please make update like "check" or "notice" before players buy outfits to make sure if players will buy outfit or not so they won't lose their gems/bomberiums by accident pressed. I lost 300 gems and it is YOUR fault. I want my 300 gems back !
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    To purchase an outfit bundle you need to tap the purchase button twice. First tap opens the list of all the items and the second tap is when you buy the items. One of the reasons for this is that nobody can buy the outfit accidentally.

    In-game purchases with Bomberium and Gems can't be reversed or refunded. When a new item is saved to the player profile in the cloud it stays there unless the whole profile is deleted.
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