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(Request) Customizable Mega Bundles!?

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  • (Request) Customizable Mega Bundles!?


    I just wanted to make this post as a request of a feature I want put onto the game hopefully.

    So like I've been playing Bomber Friends since way before Seasons were around, and I had tons of fun playing while I had about all the favorites I had in mind while playing. I somehow vanished from the game when I've reached "Supreme Commander" rank. I've later came back to the game around the end of Season 19, which I'm shocked to see a bunch of cool new items that I've wished that I was still around for. I do find it's possible that locked items; "Available as reward" can be obtained from certain events, arena special offers, and possibly mega bundles. To be honest, I do enjoy about almost every arena special offer just because it'll have at least 1 or more items you would be favorable to, like I do buy like most of them just because they really be such a great deal. What really drives me is the Mega Bundles. It's just this one legendary bomb I'm desired for, and it has never appears in the bundles as far as I've seen. I'm also assuming that new Mega Bundles comes out when new seasonal bundle outfits comes out. It's like a hard wait for me, especially for how long certain seasonal bundle outfits are lasted. What I'm asking is could there be any possibilities that we could customize our own Mega Bundle. I can self explain it.

    A Mega Bundle contains;

    -1000, 10000, or 15000 Bomberiums (selectable)

    -200 or 500 Gems (selectable)

    -Megaton Chest, Gigaton Chest, Epic Taunt or any legendary item (excluding bombs)

    -Legendary Bomb

    -Customizable Outfit Bundle (can contain common, rare, and epic items | outfit can contain hat, hair, glasses, eyes, head, chin, body, back, and bomb)

    -Customize Items (If it's only Greetings obtainable, you could pick out 4 Epic Greetings of your choice

    The price range of customizable Mega Bundles can be $14.99 to $29.99, as it does depends on the amount of value is part onto your custom Mega Bundle.

    I'm hoping this idea/suggestion can be agreeable, as this could be a one time feature or a possible new feature to the game.

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    Hello! Welcome to the forum!

    ATM there are two Mega Bundles every season. The first Mega Bundle has the Season Pass item from about 10-12 moths ago and something new. Usually a legendary item. The second Mega Bundle has some other rarely available outfit and a legendary item that has been in a pass or an offer about an year before. Ok, it sounds a bit vague. There is a system but it is not 100% the same every time. Sometimes it makes more sense to have a Mega bundle that fits the season theme.

    Building your own Mega Bundle and buy it? This is interesting actually. It might work if there was a limited amount of items you can choose from each time. I mean like, which 4 emotes out of these 10 do you want. I will look into this.
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      Yes. Building our own Mega bundles is great idea. In my experience I can say this because I had buy it before and sometimes I already had most of the items. So I stopped buying it, it hurts to spend 25 dollars for just 1 item I don't have, at least I expect 5 "new" items (old and new combinated), so if you add this great idea to the game, it would be nice and I'm sure more people will buy it because several vip have the same problem as me.
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