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Make an better tutorial + easier experience

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  • _/Just!n\_
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah but that had an reason. the tutorial that time was just to kill an bot and it was done! if you make the tutorial like more simple and explain more things about the game it will be easier for the players to understand!

  • Maija
    We have had tutorials in the game before but they were not good and they have been taken away. We don't want to scare off new players who just want to play. Maybe some kind of "daily tip" that also gives you a reward could work...

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  • _/Just!n\_
    started a topic Make an better tutorial + easier experience

    Make an better tutorial + easier experience

    ;Sooo.. I think many players want this: An better tutorial! so if you do this: let me help!
    basically you have to do this
    1: Introduce yourself [Bot: 'Hello, welcome to bomber friends! would you like to see the tutorial?' Yes/No] You could also skip the tutorial if you want..
    2: Show the Arena: 'This is the Arena! you can play and earn medals, the more you get. The more it will become harder! Theres also an 'King Of The Hill!' And you could use the power-ups! we. call them [Power]-Cards, Looks like your daily reward is available now! Lets open an chest and see your luck! (Open Che chest) You got bomberium, gems and cards! Bomberium can be used to buy items from the daily shop. Gems to open an chest, or buy an even better chest! Or buy an (temporarily) bundle! Here is an season pass! Unlock chest and special rewards here! you can purchase premium pass for even better rewards!
    3: Introduce to clans, VS friends and customize character!
    If you add some steps of these tutorial, would be helpful for the new players!

    Make experience easier.. wait never mind it should be hard cause.. I don't know to be honest.. you could make an daily login? which gives you 100 exp per day?