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Power ups in Single Player Campaign

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  • Power ups in Single Player Campaign

    When you are playing in Single Player Campaign you will find power ups under the blocks. These power ups help you pass the level. Once collected they will work automatically. You will lose everything you have collected If you die or if you pass the level.

    These are the power up icons. You need to reach the 4th world to get the arrow.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	povwerupssingle.png Views:	1 Size:	208.3 KB ID:	1009


    Quando você está jogando no modo de Um só jogador, você vai encontrar power-ups sob os blocos. Esses power-ups te ajudam a passar do nível. Uma vez recolhidos, eles funcionam automaticamente. Você vai perder tudo que coletou se você morrer ou passar do nível.

    Esses são os ícones de power-ups. Você precisa alcançãr o 4º mundo para pegar a flecha.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	power-ups.png Views:	1 Size:	384.4 KB ID:	3644


    Cuando juegas en modo de Un solo jugador, vas a encontrar potenciadores bajo los bloques. Estos potenciadores te ayudan a pasar el nivel. Una vez recogidos, van a trabajar automáticamente. Perderás todo lo que hayas recogido si mueres o si pasas el nivel.

    Estos son los íconos de potenciadores. Debes alcanzar el cuarto mundo para obtener la flecha.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	potenciadores.png Views:	1 Size:	387.2 KB ID:	3645
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    I suggest that
    Bounty hunter can be played just for fun after you unlocked or defeat it once
    It can be challenged but no reward
    Because bomber friends is boring if not online
    Like I can play frost King every time I want but after the bounty it has no reward


    • Maija
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      What about if you could buy a new Bounty hunt? Like there is one free every day but if you want to play again you pay some gems or gold? Then you would get the reward too

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    What to do to increase the power of a sword? I got 11 swords from the beginning of a level, buy i want to increase them, because every time i need to use 5 bombs to kill a templar, they have 49 lives but I got only 14 lives and 11 swords... I want to increase the sword power, anyone help me plz


    • Maija
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      You need to collect the crystals to improve the starting power ups.

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    What are the crystals? Can you please indicate me with image


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      How can I control "Blast through Bricks" power in the campaign mode, in new update.