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What to do if you can't pass a level?

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  • What to do if you can't pass a level?

    Some of the levels are harder than others. There are no impossible levels in the game. Don't give up too easily!

    First check the goals on the level.
    Sometimes there are hints on passing the level in the speech bubbles. If there is a merchant or a friendly robot on the level go talk to him.
    Do you know how to kick? Do you know how to push?

    How many power ups (speed, attack power, heart etc) you have in the beginning of a level depends on how many Crystals you have collected. Try to get as many as possible. Sometimes there are extra power ups on sale in the beginning of the level.

    You can also use the special bombs from your battle deck. There are throw bombs, mines, smoke bombs, force fields, teleports, wall assemblers, slime, ice, napalm... and many more! Try different cards that can help. All levels can be passed without the special bombs though. You don't need them but they can be helpful if you are stuck!

    If you fail on a level repeatedly you start to gain extra hearts. If you die, you can buy extra lives or watch an ad to continue playing.

    Want to talk to someone about the level? You can create a topic here on the forum or check if someone else has asked about the same level before. Remember to add the level number to the topic.

    Português (traduzido com Google)

    Alguns dos níveis são mais difíceis que outros. Não há níveis impossíveis no jogo. Não desista facilmente!

    Primeiro verifique os objetivos no nível.
    Às vezes, há dicas sobre como passar de nível nos balões de fala. Se houver um comerciante ou um robô amigável no nível, fale com ele.
    Você sabe chutar? Você sabe empurrar?

    Quantos power-ups (velocidade, poder de ataque, coração etc.) você possui no início de um nível depende de quantos cristais você coletou. Tente conseguir o maior número possível. Às vezes, há power-ups extras à venda no início do nível.

    Você também pode usar as bombas especiais do seu baralho de batalha. Existem bombas, minas, bombas de fumaça, campos de força, teleporte, montadores de paredes, lodo, gelo, napalm ... e muito mais! Experimente cartões diferentes que podem ajudar. Todos os níveis podem ser passados ​​sem as bombas especiais. Você não precisa deles, mas eles podem ser úteis se você estiver preso!

    Se você falhar em um nível repetidamente, começará a ganhar corações extras. Se você morrer, poderá comprar vidas extras ou assistir a um anúncio para continuar reproduzindo.

    Quer conversar com alguém sobre o nível? Você pode criar um tópico aqui no fórum ou verificar se alguém já perguntou sobre o mesmo nível antes. Lembre-se de adicionar o número do nível ao tópico.

    Español (traducido con Google)

    Algunos de los niveles son más difíciles que otros. No hay niveles imposibles en el juego. ¡No te rindas tan fácilmente!

    Primero verifique los objetivos en el nivel.
    A veces hay indicios de pasar el nivel en las burbujas de discurso. Si hay un comerciante o un robot amigo en el nivel, ve a hablar con él.
    ¿Sabes patear? ¿Sabes empujar?

    La cantidad de poderes (velocidad, poder de ataque, corazón, etc.) que tienes al comienzo de un nivel depende de cuántos Cristales hayas recogido. Intenta obtener la mayor cantidad posible. A veces hay potenciadores adicionales a la venta al comienzo del nivel.

    También puedes usar las bombas especiales de tu mazo de batalla. Hay bombas de tiro, minas, bombas de humo, campos de fuerza, teletransportadores, ensambladores de paredes, limo, hielo, napalm ... ¡y muchos más! Pruebe diferentes tarjetas que pueden ayudar. Sin embargo, todos los niveles se pueden pasar sin las bombas especiales. ¡No los necesita, pero pueden ser útiles si está atrapado!

    Si fallas repetidamente en un nivel, comienzas a ganar corazones extra. Si mueres, puedes comprar vidas extra o mirar un anuncio para seguir jugando.

    ¿Quieres hablar con alguien sobre el nivel? Puede crear un tema aquí en el foro o verificar si alguien más ha preguntado sobre el mismo nivel antes. Recuerde agregar el número de nivel al tema.
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    Estou com dificuldade no nível 312 pode me ajudar ?


    • Emilia
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      Já ajudamos no outro tópico

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    Level 260 sure seems impossible to me. I have way more robots attacking at the start of the game than any of the players I have seen on youtube. Up until this level I had never spent more than three days on a level. I have been on this one for three weeks. I bought more gems and combined them, but the game actually got even harder.


    • Maija
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      When have you last updated the game? I wonder if you have an old version and that's why there is more robots? I'll check if there is something strange going on.

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    I last updated the game about a month ago.


    • Maija
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      I had one of the devs check the level and he compared it to a video from RTReviewZ in YouTube. He said there is no difference. Please give me a screenshot from your gem combo and I can try to pass the level myself with the same gems.

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    Did you guys actually change something? I was seriously going to give up single player and decided to try the level again and I breezed through it. It was actually easy this time. Weird.
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    • Maija
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      No, we didn't change anything. We sometimes do make levels easier (we have statistics on which levels most players get stuck) but this usually happens in an update when a new world is released. Wait until you get to level 290! It has been made easier 3 TIMES already!

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    I doubt I'll make it to 290. Every time I play level 270, it gets harder and harder. Every time I am actually doing good, a the explosion triggers the green blocks. Also, for some reason the game starts off with the big robots ready to great me the moment the game starts and for some reason my bombs seem useless. Even the grey robots are requiring at least three blasts before they die. The weird thing is that it wasn't this difficult when I played last night. I kept making it to the multiple generators, but not I die by the time I blast the first three.


    • Maija
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      You are not stuck in level 260 anymore? You made it to 270? I can check if there is something suspicious. I need a screenshot from your gems and the level you are on. Then I can try it with the same gem combination and check that the level looks the same in my game as in the screenshot. If I notice something is not right I can ask the devs to fix it.

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    I'm no longer on 270 either. I am at 290 now and it's pretty hard so far. As I stated before, I don't usually spend that much time on a level. That's why I was so frustrated with 260. It took me a lot longer than any other level. I don't even look at peoples youtube videos for help. At least I didn't until level 260. That's what made me concerned that something was wrong with that level. I just made it to 290, so I'll just have to wait and see how long this level takes. I only started playing the game this year, so I have no way of knowing if any of the levels have changed over time. I didn't even know this game existed until I bought an NVIDIA shield earlier this year and saw this game while browsing through game titles.


    • Maija
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      We have played through all levels ourselves and we keep an eye on the statistics (how many players have reached which levels, where players get stuck or quit etc.) so I am confident in saying that there are no impossible levels in the game. Some are harder than others though. It is possible that some bugs appear somewhere in the game if we change / fix something elsewhere in the game. Therefore I am always checking through the levels players send messages about.

      There is 350 levels in the game at the moment. We will be adding more in few weeks. Maybe it is a good thing to get stuck for a while so you don't reach the end before we have more levels to offer

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    I'm done. I'll continue playing multiplayer, but I am done with single player mode. Level 300 is not fun at all. The level just makes me angry. The little robots keep getting me killed before I can even do anything and every time I blow something up, those stupid gel blocks have to be blown up. By the time that's done the robots are back on top of me. This isn't fun. I understand making a level challenging, but I don't enjoy this level at all.
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      Como matar o fantasma do nível 300?


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        Raisa como pasó el último nivel de la misión tropical en modo desafío me quedé en ese nivel, el agua sube muy rápido y no me da el tiempo para matar a los malos y sacarle las máscaras al jefe


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          A todos aquellos que tengan problemas para pasar un nivel vallan a un tema que cree para esos problemas, en ese tema ustedes me dicen que nivel se quedaron atascados y yo me grabaré pasando el nivel para darles una solución