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I get paired with noobs in 2 vs 2 events

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  • I get paired with noobs in 2 vs 2 events

    Pairing players in the 2 vs 2 Events is random. If you are always paired with noobs against a team of pros you must be the unluckiest player in the world! It is just as likely for the noob to be in the opposing team as it is for him to be in your team. After you have reached 3 wins you won't be matched in the same games with others who have less than 3 wins. Then it will also be less likely to end up in matches with noobs... because it is not that easy for a noob to reach 3 wins.


    Emparelhar jogadores nos eventos 2 vs 2 é aleatório. Se você está sempre emparelhado com noobs contra uma equipe de profissionais, você deve ser o jogador mais azarado do mundo! É igualmente provável que o noob esteja no time adversário, pois é para ele estar em seu time. Depois de ter atingido 3 vitórias, você não será comparado nos mesmos jogos com outros que tenham menos de 3 vitórias. Então também será menos provável que acabe em partidas com noobs ... porque não é assim tão fácil para um noob alcançar 3 vitórias.


    El emparejamiento de jugadores en los eventos 2 vs 2 es aleatorio. ¡Si siempre estás emparejado con noobs contra un equipo de profesionales, debes ser el jugador más desafortunado del mundo! Es tan probable que el noob esté en el equipo contrario como lo es para él estar en tu equipo. Una vez que hayas alcanzado las 3 victorias, no serás asignado en los mismos juegos con otros que tengan menos de 3 victorias. Entonces también será menos probable que termines en partidos con noobs ... porque no es tan fácil para un noob alcanzar 3 victorias.
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    The pairing system works unfairly, and you don't think of anything to fix it. You connect the job to chance and pass it on. it is obvious that you have entered the event and have never completed it. If you were trying to win in those events, and you lost because of a noob. you understood us very well. We now want to match the players in our own balance. Not with the loser who pulled us back!!!


    • _/Just!n\_
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      Dude, its an EVENT. events have prizes: Prized are hard to get. If you lose its your fault [and your teammate], just live with it.

      'You cant always win'

    • ERG!N
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      I always win when the event will go away in 1 day (if it is a event you can win packs or darkness) then I can't.

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    Seria mejor incluir una opción de jugar con 1 o 2 miembros de clan en los eventos 2vs2 y 3vs3 o poner unos intentos extras en los eventos


    • LSX XD123
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      Eh no men,la verdad sería muy injusto,hay clanes que son top y hasta sus miembros,para que emparejen con noobs o personas así sería muy injusto y hasta aburrido que siempre el mismo equipo una y otra vez

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    Preciso de ajuda estou com um problema nesse evento atual completei ele mas não consigo resgatar minhas recompensas
    me ajudem porfavor


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        nos entendiste muy bien. Ahora queremos igualar a los jugadores en nuestro propio equilibrio. shareit vidmate apk


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          Hey.I think i achieved something rare in events.I won 3 events in a row fair and unfair.Sometime very unfair and fair in very random times.But no problem.I get noobs and win.In this lastest solo event,Beach Event.If you get 3 noobs,this is something lucky.I lose a lot of noobs.Who liked is with me.


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            Eso era lo que estuve tratando de explicar en varios mensajes aquí en el forum


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              Maija, what nonsense you wrote! Noob gets into 2v2 and 3v3 allies even on the last 12, 13, 14, 15 victories, and because of them, many strong players lose events without completing it, and then all over again. For some reason, when the event is single, the players always correspond to your number of victories, which means that you are deceiving us.


              • Maija
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                Players who have 0 or 1 win are matched together and everyone from 2 to 15 are matched together.

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              I still get paired with noobs and i still got 12 wins thats probably lucky


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                The matchmaking in 2 vs 2 events is OMG- it at first glance looks like its normal and sometimes lucky.But it actually is so bad... like yes starters get confused and start doing random things or try a event.Just block newbies and when they become pros let them play
                or make your matchmaking better.
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                • Bryan Casa
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                  If you block the newbies, then to search for a partner in the events it will take many minutes to find it and nobody would like to wait a long time to be matched with a professional player, but the good thing is that they put a new type of event, which I used before I said it in the forum, with this type of event the 2vs2 modes will not be lost because of your partner's mistake but because of your mistake.

                • ERG!N
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                  What about solo events?

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                It would be much better if it was fixed and they brought back the stars mechanic in Team Events, where you only lose if everyone is killed by the enemy, and not just one player being focused by the opponent and giving the two stars. This is very necessary in 3v3 events, along with the option to continue for 30 diamonds. If it's a high value prize, I even understand that they put difficulty in the event.