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Why did I lose medals when my internet connection failed?

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  • Why did I lose medals when my internet connection failed?

    When your internet connection fails and you lose medals, it might feel unfair. Earlier some players cheated by cutting off their internet connection on purpose when it looked like they were going to lose. Now cheating this way is not possible. Losing internet connection for any reason is considered same as dying.


    Quando sua conexão à internet falha e você perde medalhas, pode parecer injusto. No começo, alguns jogadores trapacearam ao cortar sua conexão com a internet quando pareciam que iriam perder. Agora, trapacear dessa maneira não é possível. Perder conexão com a internet por qualquer motivo é considerado o mesmo que morrer.


    Cuando su conexión a Internet falla y usted pierde medallas, puede sentirse injusto. Anteriormente, algunos jugadores engañaron cortando su conexión a Internet a propósito cuando parecía que iban a perder. Ahora engañar de esta manera no es posible. Perder la conexión a internet por cualquier motivo se considera igual que morir.
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    Maija faz algum tempo que, meu jogo estar travando muito e, por isso estou perdendo muitas medalhas, e também fica aparecendo o sinal de internet mesmo minha internet sendo de sinal exelente, epero que resolvam isso ja desinstalei o jogo, apaguei os dados, mas nada resolveu, até que esse problema nao se resolva nao farei mais nenhuma compra no jogo!!


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      It makes perfect sense, there were people who turned off the wifi just to leave the game when they found a top global player and didn't want to lose points playing with him. I can't get over it to this day, I wish there was some way for the system to recognize that your connection is unstable and thus not make you lose points, because once it's even understandable, but this is repeated due to your ping alternating between red and green is nonsense. It is not possible to predict when our internet is oscillating, so the only thing left is to stop playing and continue at another time.