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    I have a new suggestion for the Upcoming new theme for bomber friends.

    ​​​​​​This is my idea
    1) Make an event and the theme is Wing Event
    2) Only Wing Bomb and Teleport is available
    3) The Costumes is like Angelic Characters and Devils
    4) The New Bomb is Like a Wing bomb but Doesnt fly or throw
    5) The theme is like a Yinyang Symbol
    6) Every characters must choose side for the event
    7) when u choose u must win the team by getting points in the battle or league
    8) everyone one in the event will receive Wing Angelic Bombs or Devil Bombs
    9) New Costume Fiery Blazing Armor and Lightning Armor
    10) Legendary Item a Tombstone in Angel Praying or Devil Dancing and Laughing.

    Thats All -Goyo+_CRB (Indonesia)

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    Esa es una genial idea, me gustoas las recompensas que mencionaste.


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      Hey Edan now you Approve my suggestions in Hyperkani. Can i have either a reward for that.