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New Arena and changes in the Leagues!

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  • New Arena and changes in the Leagues!

    Changes coming to Arena progress in season 19!
    - New Arena will be added at 2800 medals.
    - Bronze league is moved to 3200 medals. New leagues are added.
    - There will be no more Kiloton, Megaton or Gigaton chests as reason rewards.
    - There are smaller rewards every 50 medals. You get to collect them immediately. No need to wait for the end of the season.
    - League reset is to 2800 medals and you get to collect the rewards again.
    - There are medal balance changes which make it easier to get higher in the Arenas.

    (Traduzido com o Google)

    Mudanças no progresso da Arena na temporada 19!
    - Nova Arena será adicionada com 2.800 medalhas.
    - A liga de bronze é movida para 3.200 medalhas. Novas ligas são adicionadas.
    - Não haverá mais baús Kiloton, Megaton ou Gigaton como recompensa da razão.
    - Há recompensas menores a cada 50 medalhas. Você pode coletá-los imediatamente. Não é preciso esperar o final da temporada.
    - O reset da liga é de 2.800 medalhas e você pode coletar as recompensas novamente.
    - Existem alterações no equilíbrio de medalhas que tornam mais fácil subir nas arenas.

    (Traducido con Google)

    ¡Cambios en el progreso de la arena en la temporada 19!
    - Se agregará una nueva arena a las 2800 medallas.
    - La liga de bronce pasa a 3200 medallas. Se agregan nuevas ligas.
    - No habrá más cofres Kiloton, Megaton o Gigaton como recompensas de razón.
    - Hay recompensas más pequeñas cada 50 medallas. Puedes recogerlos de inmediato. No es necesario esperar al final de la temporada.
    - El reinicio de la liga es de 2800 medallas y puedes recolectar las recompensas nuevamente.
    - Hay cambios en el equilibrio de medallas que facilitan subir más alto en las arenas.
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    Agora sim vai ficar bom o jogo


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      Me tendré que esforzar más si quiero llegar a ganar esas recompensas


      • _/Just!n\_
        _/Just!n\_ commented
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        si, probablemente sera muy dificil
        [traductor de google]

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      Que genial que lo implementaron


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        Hello Maija i have a questions for you. What should we adding for new league after Golden League? They are guessing about this new league thou & it can be Platinum League,Crystal League or Diamond League. What's answer are going to add this leagues thou?


        • Maija
          Maija commented
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          It will be a Platinum League

        • _/Just!n\_
          _/Just!n\_ commented
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          Hmm.. i was thinking about Ruby league or emerald.. :P

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        !NEW CARDS COMING SEASON 19 & 20!
        As lots of you know next season will be 'Rock 'n Bomb' there will be a new 'Supply drop' but.. If you go to 'While you wait' from the Hyperkani channel.. you see in Frozen Grove is ANOTHER new card! That will probably will be released in Season 20!

        Its hard to see.. but if you look closely.. its an watch! you can see the arm though..What will it be..?

        Stay tuned! I will tell more Information!