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    The clans aren't really working for me as they are...

    I lead a clan (Awesome Allies) but I'm unable to actively recruit (it would be great if I could invite players to join after battling them) and there's no real means to help other players improve.

    ​​​​If the clan could have its own pot of coins, gems, and power-up cards that members could donate to and clan leaders could distribute? This would also be a better solution for what to do when a power-up is at Max Level! Currently, it's very annoying to receive cards for maxed power ups since they're not counted, not converted to coins...

    [Speaking of power-ups, I've had an idea for another one or two: Defuse - once activated, the next bomb you walk into you pick up and acquire in place of this power-up. Maybe could be used to also catch bombs that are thrown on your head (If you're quick enough to activate Defuse)? Or possibly that's a separate power-up;
    Racket - for a short period after being activated, you carry a tennis racket and are able to return thrown bombs back in the direction they came from (or direction you're facing) as if you had just thrown it!]

    Another idea I have for clans would be the ability to challenge other clans to 2v2 competitions where you partner with members of your clan against theirs...
    You could maybe challenge one clan per season on only one clan at a time but be free to switch if you or they concede? Maybe you put some clan treasures (coins, gems, cards) into a pot to be won at the end by the clan with the most points in the competition?

    Would be cool to also be able to have a clan flag (even if these are just the regular country flags to begin with - possibly with the clan name added on top in a font colour of choice?). Would be great if you could also collect the flags of clans you've competed and won against in head to head competitions!

    Being able to recruit/apply/invite to clans would really help to improve them.
    Being able to share treasures and help new members would give people a reason to participate in a clan.
    Being able to challenge other clans (perhaps only those nearby on the leaderboard?) for treasure and/or the ability to ascend the leaderboard/ challenge higher clans would make staying with a particular clan worth it!

    Right now, there's no reason to be in one unless you're one of those already at the top...


    • LordIllidan
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      Very good suggestions, definitely it would help a lot if Hyperkani add option to invite players to join a clan after battling them. I see so many players that aren't in any clan

    • EDAN
      EDAN commented
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      Muy buenas ideas, sobre las cartas al nivel máximo ya hablamos en otro tema para ver si la pueden cambiar, pero lo demás es lo que más espero