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FIXED: Crashes! (It was a GOOGLE issue)

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  • Maija
    commented on 's reply
    You can probably play. We already found out that this is a wide problem with multiple apps. Google is already working on it.

  • _/Just!n\_
    Crashing? okay..? does that mean i cant play bomber friends today? i play BF everyday..............

    yeah uhm this ain't a smart idea but im gonna tell my other idea-:
    1v3 Juggernaut
    yeah so simple:
    1 player is juggernaut and he has 3 lives and the other 3 just have 1 live and try to kill the Juggernaut..

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  • Maija
    started a topic FIXED: Crashes! (It was a GOOGLE issue)

    FIXED: Crashes! (It was a GOOGLE issue)

    Bomber Friends started crashing today. We are investigating the issue.

    Bomber Friends começou a falhar hoje. Estamos investigando o problema.

    Bomber Friends comenzó a fallar hoy. Estamos investigando el problema.
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