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Single player renewal coming in next update!

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  • Single player renewal coming in next update!

    We have been making some improvements to the Single Player campaign lately. The point is to make it more interesting and engaging. We want it to feel like an adventure!

    The world map view will change. In the old version players never knew what was coming after the world they were playing in. They didn't even know how many levels there is! Some got stuck and stopped playing without realizing there are some awesome new worlds coming if they just pass the current one first. In the new map you will see all the worlds as islands. You will have an idea on what is coming next!

    Click image for larger version

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    There is also new things to play. There are new Bonus levels added to the worlds 4, 5, 6 and 7. New Quests and Worlds will be added later on.

    New addition to the Single Player campaign are Bounty Hunts. You can help the Sheriff to capture wanted outlaws and you will get a reward. There are different outlaws scattered in all the worlds.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Single2.png
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    More changes and new stuff will be added later on. These are the changes in the first version.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? Looks pretty good, huh?

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    Hi, it looks awesome! ​​​​​​
    When is the update coming, thanks.


    • Raisa
      Raisa commented
      Editing a comment
      There are still some graphics missing and few bugs to fix. Hopefully it's ready soon!

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    Raisa, I'm very impressed, I'm very happy for the development of the game, my congratulations with all my heart, great work!


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      Hi, Raisa! The update for single player is totally awesome!! However there are few things that I would like to feedback which it looks a bit messy when I’m in zoom in mode , I can’t exactly know which World comes first and after from where I’m standing from.
      and another thing is regarding about the Bounty Hunt, it looks interesting however I have no idea what should I do to complete the time limit event? as I already almost finish the levels. To find those bounty, is that means I will need to re-play all the levels? I hope it doesn’t work in this way


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        Click on the B bag at the top of the screen and let the man talk. He will tell you where on the map to look. Once in that area, you will see the character on top of the number of the level he is in.