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    Great to see regular events, it improves the game experience! However, there is a concern about this. I've noticed from the ongoing "Winged Event" as well as some previous events that it's VERY difficult to reach the top awards. I consider myself to be a quite good player, but for example during this event I once just reached 1 win (that means 1 win and 3 losses). The reason for that is that some players sabotage for the rest. They deliberately die so the opponents get a star. One common way is to right in the start of the game place a bomb in front of you to get trapped and then die. Some players are new and inexperienced, and that's fine. But reaching mid-way and then having someone sabotaging for you is horrible! I've probably lost around 75 diamonds so far in the Winged Event because of this. It's just not fair.

    It's fun to play 2vs2 but as of how it is now, I don't think it's a good idea. It needs to be regulated somehow. Another (also the easiest) option would be to have all vs all. It could either be Classic battle or Reversi battle.