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CLEANING UP and renewing the FORUM

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  • CLEANING UP and renewing the FORUM

    This forum has been up and running for years. It has become quite a mess and it is hard to find help when you need it. When someone comes here for the first time hoping to solve and issue he/she will just get lost in all the irrelevant threads. Same thing happens to their messages. It is time for a clean up!

    For example there are bug reports about issues that have been solved years or months ago and threads that explain things the wrong way because a lot has changed since it was first written.

    If the tutorial says you need to send a message form the in-game settings there is no need to post your player ID in the thread. This just encourages others to do the same instead of sending the message from the in-game settings.

    Sometimes there are threads with topic names that don't describe what the thread is about. There can also be several threads about the same issue.

    Asking about how to pass level 198 under the fan art category? Posting about a different issue in an other player's thread? Let's see if we can find a better place for these.

    Some tutorials are old and have screenshots from really old versions of the game. All new features in the game don't even have FAQ or a tutorial yet.

    For example there will be a new category for reporting bugs. We have monthly updates which means that bug reports are most useful to us if they are about the latest version or if we at least know in which version the problem started.

    Languages on the forum are English, Portuguese and Spanish. Some translations might be added to posts to make it easier for everyone to understand. Posts on any other language will be deleted.

    There might be some other fixes and changes not mentioned above. Maybe we'll check the tags as well.

    After the clean up has been done we'll try to keep the forum from getting messy again. There will be regular checks to delete irrelevant comments from tutorials etc. and monthly new threads about the updates and seasons. We'll also give moderator rights to some of the active members of the forum.

    Please be patient while we work on this clean up. It might take few weeks before everything falls in the right places!

    (Traduzido com o Google)
    Estamos limpando o fórum para facilitar o uso e encontrar o que você está procurando. Algumas postagens e tópicos antigos serão excluídos, editados, mesclados ou movidos. Os tutoriais serão atualizados e as traduções serão verificadas. Novas categorias serão adicionadas e alguns jogadores receberão direitos de moderador.

    (Traducido con Google)
    Estamos limpiando el foro para que sea más fácil de usar y más fácil encontrar lo que está buscando. Algunas publicaciones e hilos antiguos se eliminarán, editarán, fusionarán o moverán. Se actualizarán los tutoriales y se comprobarán las traducciones. Se agregarán nuevas categorías y algunos jugadores tendrán derechos de moderador.
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    Every now an then someone comments on a post that is YEARS old already. I'm going to start deleting the old unrelevant post to keep the correct information easier to find.
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      Few weeks to clean this forum, lol? You guys rather give yourself a few weeks to improve game cuz is getting worse everyday. You guys know this but yes this forum is very important. Do you need new project manager?
      Instead of this forum go answer some questions on Play Store,... zero feedback from you!
      If i understand correctly now you will delete this reply because it is not relevant? Or It is relevant? Hard to decide.


      • Maija
        Maija commented
        Editing a comment
        Play Store is not a place for questions and answers. It is a place for reviews. The character limit for a reply in Play Store is someting like 140. There is hardly enough room to tell someone they can find help from the Forum.

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      The character limit it's 350! . And it is the place for answers! 100% For sure helps for new users. Basic 101 marketing?!?!

      Speak about Forum as you Maija would like to talk,(which i have seen your reply with more that 140 caracter limit on Google Play ) there is no FQA which would help. There is some, i agree. But not all of it, and if someone post a message about it its most likely ignored! And honestly take a look at this "Forum" it's out dated for a looooot!(not only Forum that it is out dated but, Hyperkani web site, game play, even the adds are weird .. etc.) You guys are not keeping community together, well you never started community properly. Take a look at discord channel.. you forget your password??? Guys were praising you and you forgot your password??? So you don't care about reviews and about community? How can people even find this "Forum" you are praising about if someone type Bomber Friends in a Google... "Forum"it's not even on the first page of a Google (you can do better, trust me) .
      About reviews, i checked the last 150 reviews you got on Google Play, avarage score is 3.6 which is meh but still ok. And now I'm wondering how did you get 4.3. Did you buy good reviews?
      I would really like to know your Download/Uninstall ratio, doesn't mean much but I'm sure it's not good and you should work on that.
      Also there is at least 11 (eleven) people who are working for Hyperkani.. wtf are you all doing? Daily huddles are not effective if nobody are doing their job or most important if there is no plan!

      P. S. I also look at Hyperkani twitter account.. much upgrade. /S (where is marketing?)


      • Maija
        Maija commented
        Editing a comment
        Only 2 of us work on Bomber Friends. No need for daily huddles between two people. We talk to each other all the time anyways. If I would spend my days talking to individual players one by one, I would get nothing else done and the most common sentence would be a copy paste of "Go to the Forum" or maybe ""restart the game". The only problem that players need my help with ATM is if someone is changing between iOS and Android and they no longer have the other device.

        I check in with the community and for example read through everything posted on the forum, to get feedback and ideas and also to collect data about bugs and on which issues are "hot" at the moment. I can't be present all the time and I can't reply to everyone individually. I would need 7 clones to share the work with me. I do have some moderators, who are active top fans of the game. And no, we don't have a marketing team, person or a budget. If we'll some day get a third person for the team they will most likely be a coder and not a marketing person.

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      And don't delete this. At some point I paid for a game i just want to conversation go on...


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        Only two people works on BF with no marketing for the best game you developed so far? I'm so sorry to hear this! That means that others are working on another project. I agree with you with a clones you would need extra help with everything. In my humble opinion this game could be a gold mine with the right approach but if you are short staffed then it is really hard.
        It make sense now. Hope you will get in the future a new coder or two to relief you from stress. And i hope i didn't ruin your Friday! I wish you best of luck! Take care of your self and have a nice weekend.