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Single Player Campaign GEMS changed to CRYSTALS

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  • Single Player Campaign GEMS changed to CRYSTALS

    The bug in the crystals has been fixed. Everyone should now have the correct amount!

    O erro nos cristais foi corrigido. Todos agora devem ter a quantidade correta!

    El error en los cristales ha sido corregido. ¡Todos deberían tener ahora la cantidad correcta!

    For a while all new players have had a new Crystal system in the Single Player Campaign. Now also the old players have been transferred to use the new Crystal System. Although the new Crystal system uses the same power up symbols as the old one, the system is new and the values next to power ups can't be compared to the values in the old system directly. Old players who were transferred to the new system now have the amount of Crystals they would have had if they had been playing with the new system all along.

    In the new system you don't need to combine the small gems into bigger ones yourself, because the gems get better and better automatically. In the old system players were able to have many different kind of combinations for gems and power ups. There must be players who liked it, but too often it was just confusing and some players never learnt to use the gems at all - they played with zero power ups until it became too difficult, and then stopped playing. The new Crystal system is easier to use and understand - it works automatically even if you don't do anything.

    The new system is balanced so that it takes longer to get your power ups to "maximum level". There has been some other changes too, for example it is not possible to get as much piercing as it was in the old system. This way you don't get over powered power ups half way through the game and then rest of the levels are too easy, don't offer any challenges and start to feel boring. Please let us know your comments though, it is possible some adjustments are still needed (please let us know your Crystal levels and which Campaign level you are playing on).

    If you are stuck on a level and need some extra help - remember you can use the special bomb cards in Single Player too.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	newcrystals.png Views:	126 Size:	293.4 KB ID:	20920

    Português (traduzido com Google)

    Por um tempo, todos os novos jogadores tiveram um novo sistema Crystal na campanha para um jogador. Agora também os jogadores antigos foram transferidos para usar o novo Crystal System. Embora o novo sistema Crystal use os mesmos símbolos de inicialização que o antigo, o sistema é novo e os valores próximos aos power-ups não podem ser comparados diretamente aos valores do sistema antigo. Jogadores antigos que foram transferidos para o novo sistema agora têm a quantidade de cristais que teriam se estivessem jogando com o novo sistema o tempo todo.

    Español (traducido con Google)

    Durante un tiempo, todos los jugadores nuevos han tenido un nuevo sistema Crystal en la Campaña para un jugador. Ahora también los viejos jugadores han sido transferidos para usar el nuevo Sistema Cristal. Aunque el nuevo sistema Crystal usa los mismos símbolos de encendido que el anterior, el sistema es nuevo y los valores próximos a los power ups no se pueden comparar directamente con los valores del sistema anterior. Los viejos jugadores que fueron transferidos al nuevo sistema ahora tienen la cantidad de Cristales que tendrían si hubieran estado jugando con el nuevo sistema todo el tiempo.
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    Could you please tell me where are my 25 or 26 maxed crystals of each color now? because their value was more than 500K gold. I was hoping that soon we will get stronger gems with new single player levels, but obviously my work, spent gold and watching videos were for nothing! I don't like the new system and I don't think that the old one was complicated.
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      One old gem is not the same as one new crystal. The migration is not 1=1. The gems were converted to the new crystals with some strange formula, but the result is that everyone should have the amount of crystals they would have had if they had been playing with Crystals all along. Nothing is taken away or missing. There is probably a new gem level coming when new levels are added, but that hasn't been decided yet.

      If you didn't think the old system was complicated you can call yourself a pro player. To an average player the gem system was too hard to understand - even with the tutorial. This has been a big problem in the game for a long time. Players getting stuck because they didn't know they could get better power ups with gems. It's been one of the biggest issues in the game. The new system is better but I can admit the transition for old players could have been smoother.

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    Hi, I've been playing for a while now, and just as I got to level 300 my gems went to the new system, but I can't possibly pass beyond that level with the powerups I now have. The day after the update I started the levels with 10 hearts, which is way lower than I did before the update, but now I start them with only 5 hearts, I don't know how it went even lower, so I had to spend all my gold buying crystals and I start with only 8 hearts. Please explain how I am going to be able to pass beyond that level with such low powerups. I also My ID is:


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      Pero este sistema nuevo de cristales a los viejos jugadores nos afectó el poder de nuestras bombas disminuyo y nuestros diamantes acumulados donde quedaron?


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        Este nuevo sistema me parece mal, debieron poder tener la opción de continuar con el anterior sistema o cambiar al nuevo, pero no hacer ese cambio de una, me bajo mucho mi poder & no tengo oro para comprar ahora los Cristales, que triste que no tengan en cuenta a toda la comunidad, muy mal hecho, están perdiendo jugadores con esta actualización tan MALA.


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          Hola buenos días como estás señor de Bomber Friends té Agradezco que me devuelva el Proceso còmo tenía antes durante unos años atrás en mi cuenta Mi id: 305942A6DAA5DBD1 yo tenía un rango bien alto ahora me tocó empezar desde cero que sucedió


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            The new system means I now have less than before. I used to have 32 hearts now I have only 25 when I start. You are now unable to decide what's more important to you, health, strength or power. I built up a very good amount for this reason. Took me over 5years to do, so a little disappointed.


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              Hola buenas noches señor bomber friends me pudiera ayudar a recuperar mis gemas con el nuevo sistema que se actualizo el nivel de poder que tengo es mínimo y por el tipo de nivel que estoy no sirve de nada si pudiera ayudarme se lo agradeceria


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                Estaba a casi nada de pasar el juego en solo pero con el nuevo sistema de crystales me es imposible seguir con tampoco daño,vida,bombas,velocidad los enemigos me acaban muy rápido pase muchos niveles para conseguir lingotes y mejorar las habilidades junte 35,000 y todo eso solo para lograr llenar 6 barras espero y regresen el antiguo sistema!


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                  Cómo piensan que pasaré el nivel 349 con tan pocas espadas y corazones? Deben regresar las gemas sí o sí.


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                    Bomber Friends no me gusta el nuevo modo de gemas y más que yo gaste más de 70000 lingotes de oro y apenas las subí a nivel 13 y con la actualización me apareció en nivel 11


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                      1. Quiero que regrese el viejo sistema de las gemas todos los de la play store lo piden mira


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                        COMPENSATIONS for CRYSTALS and pieces of POWERUP ITEMS that are already MAXED(i.e. winged walls, row of bombs...)

                        Yesterday I bought offer with megaton chest, among other things I 'received ' +5 winged walls - NOT!

                        Five pieces of walls cost 5000 coins. I have maxed winged walls, please consider giving some compensation, at least 1000 coins, or even better, make changes so that we do not get powerup items we already have maxed. Also consider that those do not appear in Daily Deals - please, who would normal like to buy 4 pieces of walls, if this powerup is maxed already? Makes no sense.

                        In season rewards menu, especially with season pass I 'can collect' hundreds of crystals - NOT!

                        I have maxed crystals so I don't get a single crystal or at least tiny compensation, not to mention that I lost thousands and thousands of gems(now crystals) with previous update(my 25 maxed gems of each color are gone, stolen from me).

                        I can't store pieces of maxed powerup items or crystals, can I? Also not a tiny bit of compensation, like there is some for customization items.
                        So instead of getting something, I get nothing. Not cool, Hyperkani.
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                          Bomber Friends porque cuando uno estrá a Bomber Friends no te da la bienvenida play Juegos como antes deseo que lo vuelva a desir por favor