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  • Season pass and FAQ!

    New update is now available for both Android and iOS! The update introduces a new feature to the game: SEASON REWARDS! You can play Arena battles or Event matches and collect daily rewards. Buy the season pass with 500 gems and you get EXTRA rewards.

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    Season pass doesn't just give you extra rewards. There is more! You get a VIP icon above your name, unlimited entries to all season's events and no reward ads in Single Player campaign. This means that if you die you can continue without watching an ad!

    Birthday Season is our FIRST season so please leave your feedback and comments. There will be weekly events with birthday themes to celebrate Bomber Friends 5th anniversary.

    ANSWERS to the most Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Why can't I continue to the next reward tier?
    A: Reward tiers open daily. The 7th tier opens on 7th day and so on.

    Q: Is the VIP icon permanent? Will the Single Player Campaign ads come back after the season is over?
    A: The Season Pass is valid for the season. When the season ends your VIP status ends too. No more perks or VIP icon!

    Q: But the pass is so expensive!
    A: The combined value of all the rewards is more than 500 gems and you also get other perks like unlimited entries to the Season's Events. Some of the customize items are only available with the pass at first.

    Q: How do I get the rewards?
    A: Collect points from Arena Battles and Event matches. Everyone gets the free rewards by collecting season points. If you have bought the Season Pass you also get the extra rewards.

    Q: But the pass rewards are not that much better than the free rewards...
    A: With the pass you get BOTH rewards. Free rewards and the extra ones.

    Q: What if I buy the pass later? Will I get the rewards?
    A: Yes, all the rewards from the previous days become available even if you buy the pass on the last day of the Season. You can check from the FREE side how many you will get right away.

    Q: What does it mean that there is no reward ads in the Single Player Campaign?
    A: This means that with season pass you don't need to watch an ad to double your rewards or to get an extra life when you die. Just tap the button to get them.


    Portugues. Traduzido com Google.

    O que você precisa saber sobre a temporada e o passe de temporada?
    1. Um novo nível de recompensa é aberto diariamente. Se você recebeu todas as 7 recompensas no sétimo dia, terá que esperar até amanhã para abrir o próximo nível.
    2. Você tem até o final da temporada para receber as recompensas.
    3. Recompensas gratuitas estão disponíveis para todos e as recompensas do Season Pass são recompensas extras para quem comprou o Seasson Pass.
    4. Se você comprar o passe no meio da temporada, também poderá receber as recompensas dos dias anteriores.
    5. Com o passe de temporada, você também recebe entradas ilimitadas para os eventos da temporada, ícone VIP acima do seu nome e nenhum anúncio de recompensa na campanha para um jogador.

    Español. Traducido con Google.

    ¿Qué necesitas saber sobre la temporada y el pase de temporada?
    1. Un nuevo nivel de recompensa abre todos los días. Si ha obtenido las 7 recompensas en el séptimo día, debe esperar hasta mañana para abrir el siguiente nivel.
    2. Tienes hasta el final de la temporada para recoger las recompensas.
    3. Las recompensas gratuitas están disponibles para todos y las recompensas del Season Pass son recompensas adicionales para aquellos que compraron el Seasson Pass.
    4. Si compra el pase a mitad de temporada, también puede obtener las recompensas de los días anteriores.
    5. Con el pase de temporada también obtienes entradas ilimitadas a los eventos de la temporada, el icono VIP sobre tu nombre y ningún anuncio de recompensa en la Campaña para un jugador.
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    I cant collect more rewards,


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        I can’t seem to get the 3rd prize from the Season Pass and the Graveyard Event still marks my losses

        ID: C496247C482CA4E2


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          Ya no se puede obtener más recompensas se queda en el nivel 2. Arreglen eso por favor y también que se pueda obtener puntos en batallas de modo clásico. Y me parece muy poco por 500 gemas aumenten más cosas para los compran el pase más paquetes, bombas y demás y una insignia VIP que nuestro nombre se vea en dorado como lo hacen los demás juegos, así si vale comprar. Espero lo consideren


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            Is the 500 Gems purchase a one time purchase or we need to repay for each season? Also, can we pay the 500 gems just before the end of the season and get all the previous exclusive gifts?


            • Maija
              Maija commented
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              It is a season pass for this season. It is only valid for this Season and you need a new one for the next. And yes, if you buy the pass later in the season you will also get the rewards from the previous days. You can check from the Free side how many rewards you will get.

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            Hello sir i purchased 500 gems for season pass but i cant go to level 4 it says earn more season point to earn award wht to do sir plz help here is my order
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            • Maija
              Maija commented
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              You can't get 4th day rewards on the 3rd day of the season. We made this more clear in the fix update.

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            Originally posted by Nivi1928 View Post
            Hello sir i purchased 500 gems for season pass but i cant go to level 4 it says earn more season point to earn award wht to do sir plz help here is my order
            Yes, I have also same problem. Please help admin.


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              Ive logged in via game center on my new iphone but it still wont logg me on bomberman. So right now im playing from scratch. Can this be resolved please. Name was GUNZ i had around 2300 medals and was a level 7/8. Thanks


              • Maija
                Maija commented
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                Is it the same Game Center you had in your previous phone? Please install the latest update of the game and send us a message from the game settings using the button "lost account".

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              Não estou conseguindo pegar o passe para a temporada do aniversário


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                Hello, I can't open chests with watching ads, what happened?
                This is like that since yesterday.


                • Maija
                  Maija commented
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                  The ads are removed for now. There will be one ad daily to speed up one chest.

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                Why does it cost 500? It's expensive.
                Why do you give items everyone has in the free pass?


                • Maija
                  Maija commented
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                  The new items come up for sale when we decide no to use them as rewards anymore. They are not as desirable as rewards anymore if they can be bought.

                • Steve_Lu
                  Steve_Lu commented
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                  I see your point. But, what about including a low chance to get onw of them in a chest?

                • Maija
                  Maija commented
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                  Actually the items are "freed" to the chests and for buying at the same time.

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                Searching for opponents... and nothing happens for few minutes. I updated the game today, the game works even worse, I can't even load arena... can't load anything for 30 min... then I enter, and again have have troubles entering, it is really bad today... my internet connection is fine.


                • Maija
                  Maija commented
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                  Do all of the 3 characters in the loading screen stay empty? Please go to settings and check your ping. What region do you play on? When you are trying to open the Arena does the progress stuck in a certain %?

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                Thats understandable that its you guys are celebrating bomber friends birthday (one of my best games/play everyday) but does that mean that it has to get bad stuff
                the thing im saying is that the whole hyperkani company has to get money from their players because of the fact that you need to pay 500 gems every mouth to be an vip
                Now u cant get no more free customize items because of the starting of the season thingy and thats bad because before you could get anything
                the start of the beta version of arena was a really good thing but the birthday really doesnt seem to be a really party/celebrations event even if you still can play the event infinitly the whole mouth you still dont really the brithday map like even before the start of beta version when you guys started to make arena limited events (the xmas arena, the farm arena 2v2 and the other summer cup) with big pannels, it should be like this
                the whole thing is good and catchy to play when its just rewards because you played but if u cant even access the rewards thats not inciting you to get them
                idk what gonna be at the next seasons, maybe new maps or something like this, yall are working on new cards like emp bombs, flying tnt, one hit armor like medieval and legendary item rarity also robots map, castle and desert map, this upcoming
                the game needs to get a way to enjoy any map you want to play with (because u dont play the arena map anymore if you get to a next arena) the events have to be enjoyed and even at the personalised modes with friends you have to get the map you want


                • Maija
                  Maija commented
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                  Hello and thank you for your comments. When new items are added to the game, they are always first rewards and available in special offers, and later they are added in the item pool. Which means they can be found in chests and you can buy them with Bomberium or Gems.

                  The tile sets on different maps are exclusive to Arenas and they are sometimes used in Events. The point is, that it makes leveling up to a new Arena more exciting because you also get to play on a new tile set. If all tile sets would be available to everyone it wouldn't be so exciting to enter a new Arena.

                  You can always post your ideas on the Forum. I am happy to read them.

                • Papa
                  Papa commented
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                  Hello my friend
                  i just thought you were saying that the items were going to be paid by bomberiums or gem, i misunderstood xD
                  anyway yeah maybe its true that would not be as exiting but if for example you wanna play one them thats under your arena u gotta loose medals also maps are just the place you play so its like any other game, especially for this game bomber friends should have a system added to the play with other friends mode that allows u to choose your custom map, even if you and the team would not want it its ok but for example we can add a mini game online mode (ill talk about it later) that allows you to choose random maps of the game (map voting)
                  thats one of the fuckton ideas i have lmao i wrote them and thats just for you and the team of hyperkani, use my advices for the well change of the game
                  thanks for understanding have a nice day
                  Last edited by Papa; 10-15-2019, 07:22 PM.

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                also this game needs many new shit that gonna make the game even better than this, if you raisa may accept all the new good ideas that i could give to you on another thread im going to make
                the whole team of hyperkani would be pleased
                thanks for understanding
                Last edited by Papa; 10-12-2019, 05:54 PM.