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NEW GAME MODE IDEA :) by Caarnal

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  • NEW GAME MODE IDEA :) by Caarnal

    Hi, Creators
    I'm a fan of Bomber friends game and i want to give an idea to make it funnier

    So i will present you what I was thinking

    It will be a new Game Mode named : Bet

    It will be 1v1 or 1v1v1.
    To enter, every player need to pay 50 coins or 5 gems.
    The player who wins , win the coin of his oppenent (for 1v1 you win 100 in total,
    and for 1v1v1 you will win 150, but its more risky! )

    This will permit us to win more coins and gems

    I hope this idea will please you.

    Also i wanted to add an option to the shop : Buy the Chests with Money, but of course it will be expensive (like 80k for the higher chest)

    Thanks to everyone ! And like this post if you're hyped by my idea

    - Caarnal

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    Hello Carnaal and thank you for your post.

    We often brainstorm about new ideas and we also have a list of things we have come up with. Some kind of bet match has been on our minds every now and then. But it is only one of the ideas on a long list. I'm not sure which of the ideas are the next ones that'll be added to the game.
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    • Mikey
      Mikey commented
      Editing a comment
      Raisa en la próxima actualización por favor pon esta idea porque cuando lo actualicé por ultima vez estaba esperando que esta idea aparezca y me quede con las ganas de saber como sería

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    and..... then it will appear a team vs one.... and steal your money or gem's!!! :P


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      I fully support that idea, it is very useful when you want to improve your letters and do not arrive with the necessary money


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        I understand Raisa, thanks for your answer !

        RTReviewZ, for this problem, just choose the 1v1 , but the in 1v1v1 you will win the gems / coins of the two peoples ! (At your own risks )


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          Also there will be a Leaderboard who shows your number of Wins-Equal-Loss
          ( For exemple : 300 - 25 - 120 )


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            It occurred to me based on what Raisa said, that we seek the treasure among 4 players against the bots (orcs, skeletons, dragons, etc.) and whoever finds it first wins, and if one of the players kills the other he will be expelled. of the competition


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              It occurs to me that there are 4 players in closed in a type of maze and the treasure in the middle so you have to evade the skeletons, dragons and traps until you reach the treasure and receive the rewards. Obviously, in each part of the labyrinth it is different from the others so that they are not copied in the way of passing it