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⬆️idea for the map of alloys!

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  • ⬆️idea for the map of alloys!

    Well the game from arena 7 the map and the same, I tried to draw some beautiful maps for you to put in the leagues, but it got a little ugly, today I saw the map there, in the new event, a serious idea if you put these maps in arenas from bronze league example three different maps to go randomly at each match was going to be something spectacular, here's an example: the new event and the map of the arena 2 haystack plus it looks as if it were submerged in this map in the leagues, the tropical mission map you already put in events could put it in the leagues, or put each one in a league like the arenas or put them to go randomly it would be something great and innovative I believe that most will love this idea what think?
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    Please help me how i use two bomb in battle?????


    • Maija
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      You need to upgrade the bombs to a higher level to get two of them.