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  • double skill

    I'm from Russia.
    First of all - thanks for the game.
    and apologize for the translation.
    now to the question:
    How do players reuse a skill per round? double flying wall, double squad of bombs..???

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    Hello. Glad to hear that your enjoying the game! Some items have 2 uses on max level: Concussion bomb, Long Fuse, Fuseless Bomb, Hex Canister, Short Fuse, Winged Hex, Wall Destroyer, Concussion Mine, Dynamite, Winged Bomb, Wall Assembly, Land Mine, Row of Bombs, Winged Wall and Bunker Buster. In the next update you will be able to browse through all card upgrade data in the powerup collection page.


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      90% of my lesions at the beginning are winged walls, 2 times in a row. sometimes players in a team, maybe a wall fly 3 times.
      I think this is an imbalance.
      I expressed my opinion, perhaps if other players support me, then this will be fixed.

      thank you


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        That problem is already common, sometimes there is a team between them and throw a lot of winged walls to a single player, that makes it impossible to escape and you end up dying. That is very unfair. a friend named MIKEY wrote that subject but nobody supported him except for me of course